Sunday Snapshot: Poppy’s party

It was all Victoria’s fault.

She googled, pinterested and you-tubed her way to dreaming up a pink and purple ombre cake for Poppy.

And a handmade crown to boot.

Thankfully, we actually pulled it off.


Victoria baked and frosted.

I cut and sewed.

And Poppy beamed.



She thought the presents were okay, too.



I’d better start planning now.

Vivienne’s birthday is less than six weeks away.


And it seems she has some cake and crown dreams of her own.


Happy Birthday, Penelope Gayle. So incredibly blessed to be the one you call mama.

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Happy Sunday Monday, y’all.



  1. Beautiful! Looks like she had a very happy birthday!

  2. That cake was ALMOST too gorgeous to eat!!! What a beautiful celebration for your amazing little girl…
    Much love from Ohiooooooo!!
    Val in Ohioooo

  3. That cake is gorgeous!!!
    The crown is so beautiful!!!
    Great job! WOW, love it.

  4. The cake and crown are such a work, and your Poppy has such a sweet smile :) Victoria seems like such a great big sister!

  5. Happy Birthday Poppy! I love seeing your sweet little joy filled face! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for Vivienne’s birthday.

  6. I am so impressed by that cake!

  7. That is the prettiest cake ever!!! Wow, Victoria is amazing!

  8. Ok… that cake is GORGEOUS!!!!!! Love the beautiful crown too!! I see some more photo shoots in your future with that accessory!!! She looks so happy!!!! What a blessing to see her blossoming more an more!!! She’s a doll!!!!!! Happy Bday Week Poppy!!!!! Hugs, Diana

  9. Absolutely amazing! The only thing prettier then that cake is her precious smile! She could not be any cuter!!!!!

  10. Happy Birthday to Princess Poppy. We all love to see that smile!

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