fundraising family? orphan ministry? read on.

Lots of y’all commented and emailed me privately about your adoption fundraisers and orphan ministries and I’m so excited to for November now!

But I need something first. Please email me a square button or logo – like the one below that my sweet girl made for me – so I can add you and your efforts on behalf of the orphan to my sidebar. It can be any size, I’ll edit it to the correct dimensions, but it does need to be square.


If you don’t have a button, let me know.

And if you know of anyone that’s fundraising for adoption, please share… the more the merrier.



  1. I don’t have a button… but we are fundraising. We are set to travel the first week of December and are over 20k short. Let me see if Desiree can make me a button.

  2. My brother and sister in law are trying so hard to raise funds for their adoption of 2 boys from Ukraine, ages 14 and 11. They hosted them for Christmas, fell in love, and are pursuing their adoption now. They are still 35K short :( I would LOVE to be able to help them out! I don’t have a button for them, but here is their website. The amount they actually need is 35K…….she was too embarrassed to put the full amount on her website :( This is their first adoption, and she is really struggling to ask for help. Thanks for doing this!!

  3. Angela Campbell says:

    I would love to be listed but do not have a button either. We do have a blog. Can anyone help me with how to make a button? Our blog is

  4. We do not have a button .. but have a blog and a fundraising page on you

  5. Could you please help me with a button, please? Very computer dumb. Ugh. Sorry

  6. We are waiting on our dossier approval. I don’t have a button, but I have a blog. We still need about $7000

  7. here’s a link to our non-profit and the button html


  8. hmmm– our button html didn’t go— if you go to the link– the button and its code stuff is there :) we raise money for orphanages in Henan, China- where 3 of our kiddos are from :) selling calendars right now and soon…. DeFeet running/cycling socks :)

  9. I don’t have a button either. Just a Facebook page. Operation Orphan Care. -Deb

  10. Stephanie,
    We are fundraising for our second China special needs adoption with Lifeline. How does one go about making a blog button????

  11. I have the “Home for Haven” square logo that is not really a button but I pretend it is. It’s the square pic with the hearts on Thanks Steph!

  12. Yes, how does one go about making a blog button ?? We are adopting a 9 year old boy from China who has Cerebral Palsy and have asked about adopting 2 children at once. Thank you soo much for helping adopting families.

  13. We are adopting two right now from China. We have a blog, http://, but no button. Not sure how to make one.

  14. Hey Stephanie,
    We just started the process of adopting our first child from Taiwan. I created a button but can’t seem to find your contact info so I can send it to you. We have a blog and I’m gearing up to start fundraising right now in a few different ways and I would love to share them with your readers (especially those looking for a way to fundraise!).

  15. We just returned 2 weeks ago from welcoming another little heart boy to our family. His name is Nehemiah ‘God of comfort’. Do not have a button. Do have a blog… and we were given a matching grant and interest free loan from Lifesong…our account is open through Nov. 15. Thank you!

  16. My husband and I are part of an orphan care ministry at our church, HOPE Church. The ministry’s called Fathered (the name is a response to being ‘fatherless no more’). Don’t have a button, but the website is

  17. We’re in the process of adopting an aging-out young man from Ukraine. Here is a link for our first fundraiser:
    and here’s a link to the blog post about our fundraiser:

    Could you help with a button? Thank you so very much!

  18. trying to copy the button code– not sure if it worked or not- but our Love Changes Lives raises money for orphanages in Henan, China

  19. Hi there,
    Here is the code for our blog button:

    I will also email. Thanks! 😉

  20. I notice all the adoption blogs and fundraisers are gone. Is it possible to get a list?

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