Sunday Snapshot: Victoria

My biggest girl.

She’s at home for a season. And I am ecstatic.

It’s not often a mom gets to spend this kind of extra time with one of her babies once they have flown the nest.


Because fly the nest she did.

She graduated with a Biology degree. Then started back to school to pursue a nursing degree.


But she tucked in one extra course, just for fun.

Maybe not-so-surprisingly, it turned out to be her true passion.


And so she made the brave decision to start over and is now going full-steam to pursue a career in graphic design.

I’m not sure if I’m more proud of her creativity, or the courage it took to change course mid-stream and follow the plan God has for her.


Truth is, I think she’s awesome. And could do whatever she decided to put her mind to – and do it well.

Like *ahem* maybe-possibly-someday opening a bakery.

Just sayin’.

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Ni Hao Yall

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Happy Sunday Monday, y’all.



  1. Thanks for letting me participate!! Laurel


    • Brenda Stevens says:

      Stunning, smart and a kind, God loving heart….GREAT job mom and dad!
      She is setting the bar pretty high for the little ones to follow but I am sure all your children will be just as amazing! How could they not be with such wonderful examples as parents….

  3. I love all of thse Stef! But, that first photo is GORGEOUS!!!! I love how the colors pop off her flawless skin and gorgeous hair!!! Great job!!!! ~Diana

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