Sunday Snapshot: what Poppy wants…

Besides the crown and the flower cake, Poppy asked for one more thing for her birthday.

She wanted a picture of her on Jewel. With flowers.

Resist? I think not.


I mean, at the time at least, it sounded relatively simple.

Except – as we got closer to the shoot – I was reminded that Poppy doesn’t ride much.

Jewel doesn’t get ridden much.

And I don’t get out my camera much.


But I was determined. I had promised. And I wanted to use the opportunity to take some pictures for my photography class.

So we fashioned some of Poppy’s favorite purple flowers into a crown, and off we all went across the creek.

And truly, my baby smiled the entire time.


Even Jewel loved it. She ate basically the entire time.

P.S. And yes, Vivienne already has “pictures on Jewel” on her birthday list, y’all. I fear that from now on Wally World cakes and plain ol’ birthday pictures will no longer suffice.

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Happy (almost) Sunday, y’all.



  1. That girl is just filled with sparkles. I wish that frightened little girl you brought home from China knew just how amazing and loved filled her new life would be. Although the smiles you earned in China were pretty darn awesome as well. I guess we all have to trust in Jesus, even if we are very very afraid. When we trust Him, wonderful things happen. Just ask Poppy. She knows!!! God bless you and your precious family!!!

  2. OH how she’s growing! She’s such a beauty…and so is your Jewel. Don’t get your camera out much? GURL, you do a yeoman’s job of it with that gaggle of kids you’ve got there and btw, you’re rocking some MAD skills….just beautiful, in every way (kid, equine, nature, photography…and feel good factor on this side of the screen!) Luv ya, BIG! xo

  3. Well shoot, now I want my birthday pics on a horse! These are beautiful.

  4. Love it:) That little Poppy would look darling on about anything, but these are gorgeous!

  5. She’s so sweet!

    It occurs to me that I haven’t posted a Sunday Snapshot in FOREVER! I started my first full time teaching job at the beginning of September and have totally forgotten about this. I’m determined to post tomorrow though (on Sunday) because my little girl is also celebrating a birthday… she’ll be 2!! :-)

  6. These are beyond adorable!!!! <3 I think you should make it a tradition. Even for the big kids! 😀 <3

  7. These are gorgeous as is she!

  8. These are GORGEOUS!!!!

  9. Only thing missing for your fairy princess is a unicorn-horn on Jewel. :)

  10. Fabulous pictures. Beautiful daughter. All your kids are. Happy birthday to your princess.

    God bless

  11. She is sooo darling! The first pic is my favorite but they are all amazing.

  12. Amy Murphy says:

    Beautiful shots!!!

  13. OH my goodness…..these are just gorgeous :)

  14. Such beautiful pictures. I love that she is barefoot, bareback, and holding on to the horse’s mane. How does a just-turned-four year old know to ask for a picture of herself with flowers on a horse??

  15. Janet Camp says:

    How Beautiful! Can you imagine her 20 yrs from now as a bride riding down the aisle?! Love these shots.

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