fill their stockings: the Mama Mia

Told ya.

Over $1600 worth of good stuff in this, the Mama Mia.

Because this one is for you, mama.


To every donor for this year’s Fill Their Stockings, thank you. Y’all are crazy generous.

A little fine print: All the items in this post will be gifted to one winner, chosen at random from all the entries received on all three blogs – funds raised here will go to Lifeline’s Maoming Project, funds raised by Lisa will go to Half the Sky and funds raised by Diana will go to Pearl River Outreach. Donors have committed to doing their best to ensure their donations arrive to the winner in time for Christmas.

Please see the notes below for all the details and a button to donate to Lifeline’s Maoming Project – funding foster care and school rooms for kindergarden, 1st grade, and 2nd grade orphans in Maoming, China.

And here we go…


*Matilda Jane Dress and Jacket donated anonymously*
*Matilda Jane gift card donated anonymously*



*Dyson donated by Cokem Int’l*



*Macy’s gift card donated by a grateful Hengshan family*



*Artwork donated by Amy Rankin with 2540 Designs*



*Coach gift card donated by Gail Bannen Clutter*



*Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A gift cards donated by Beka M*



*Stockings donated by Coco Couture*



*Target gift card donated by Rebecca Thompson*



*Lisa See book club package donated anonymously in honor of Half the Sky*



*Vintage Pearl gift certificate donated by The Kessler Family*


A few details on Fill Their Stockings:

- Lifeline will be blessed by any amount you would like to give to the Maoming Project. I do ask that you consider a minimum donation of $5; additional entries will be given for multiples of $5. You can also enter without donating, just leave your name, email and mailing address in a comment on this post. Please note, if you donate, you do not have to leave your address in a comment, we will have that information with your donation.

- To donate, simply use the button below and you’ll be directed to Lifeline’s donation page. Please choose “Fill Their Stockings” as the option for your donation. All funds go directly to Lifeline and will be used to support foster care and fund school rooms for kindergarden, 1st grade, and 2nd grade orphans in Maoming, China.

- You must have a shipping address in the US to win.

- This giveaway will end at 11:59 PM EST on Saturday, December 14th. The winner will be chosen at random and announced shortly thereafter. So be sure to check back soon – not only see if you’ve won, but to see what fabulous bundle o’ fun is going to be featured next.

**ETA: this giveaway is now closed**

Hoping you will make a donation, and encourage others to as well.

Sharing this giveaway an easy way to raise awareness for the staggering needs of orphans around the world. Because eyes need opening. Honestly, if someone reads this post, learns a bit more about ways to care for orphans in China, and doesn’t even make a donation, I’ll be happy. Of course, not as happy as if someone decided to drop a big honkin’ donation, but really. If eyes are opened and hearts are stirred – even just a little – by what we are doing here, who knows what God might do.

So share. Give. Pray for these kids in Maoming, across China and around the globe. As we prepare for the coming days of celebrating Christ and the the overflow of His blessings in our families and our lives, consider those who will not. Who have not.

Let’s plant some seeds, y’all. Let’s do what we can, and trust God with the rest.


Thank you in advance for being a part of loving on and caring for the children of Maoming.



  1. Melissa Braun says:

    Done and about to share! Great work you are all doing….

  2. Trying again through your link!! Hope the PP works. This is awesome, praying the kids are blessed through your giveaways!!! Will also share on FB.

  3. Allison Heck says:

    I donated $20 for Lifeline… Wonderful thing you are doing! Thanks, Allison

  4. Anna Schmidt
    7520 Woodington Place
    Indianapolis, IN


  5. Lauren Haun says:

    Hey! I donated this last weekend… How do u know if you are in the drawing or not? :) thank you!! Through lifeline, we brought home out Lucy from China this past summer! :)

    • Hey Lauren! If you donated to LL through the link in the post, you’re in for that giveaway. You’ll receive a confirmation email from LL for your donation and all those donations are tracked so we have all your info!
      You can also enter by leaving your name, address and email in a comment on the giveaway post as well – no donation required :)

  6. Lauren Haun says:

    I’ll share this on FB!! Hopefully draw more people in!!! I have so many friends who have adopted from Moaming!
    My address is: 3870 Westview Dr. NE CLEVELAND, TN 37312

  7. Carol ofstead says:

    Just donated and plan on sharing this wonderful link.

  8. Stephanie M says:

    This is so neat! We made a donation. Thank you for what you are doing!!
    Stephanie M

  9. Chrissie geltmach
    810 almoney rd
    Wrightsville pa 17368

  10. Becky Rodli
    4827 Ochoco Ct SE
    Salem, OR 97317
    beckyrodli at yahoo dot com

  11. SO awesome, I love this. Donated/entered. And since my name is Mia I totally think I should win ;)

  12. Chelsea Graham says:

    I donated! Thank you for doing this every year!

  13. Melissa Baker says:

    Melissa Baker
    2801 Pheasant Run Dr.
    McKinney, TX 75070

  14. Anne Powell says:

    I donated thanks to my friend Beka M. for sharing!
    505 Kiowa Drive
    McKinney, TX 75071

  15. Just adopted a Mia! What a great giveaway!

  16. Oops forgot my address!
    552 Henry dr Ringgold ga 30736

  17. God bless you and all that you’re doing.

    Chauna Smith
    2525 Slalom Drive
    McKinney, Texas 75071

  18. Donated! My heart is with orphans in China but you make me question my motives by offering such an awesome giveaway…..

  19. Jennifer N. says:

    Donated!!! Love to watch this unfold every year :)

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