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Okay, y’all remember last year, when I posted about the gorgeous Christmas ornaments from Scarlet Threads? And the heartbreaking story Carrie shared of Huan Mei and her horrific work accident that left her with a stack of devastating medical bills and without a job… her hardworking husband taking a job two hours away to provide for Huan Mei’s care and their precious children.

Well, Carrie shared with me recently that the ornament purchases y’all made last year helped Huan Mei and her family to have an amazing year. Because every set of ornaments sold goes directly to help this family – the more Scarlet Threads sells, the more this precious family is blessed.

How big does that make you smile? From halfway around the world, we could bless this sweet family as they struggled to make ends meet…


And I’ve got to say, my kids love these ornaments. When we got them last year, my girls were beside themselves. Because they are a tangible reminder on our Christmas tree of their Chinese heritage, beautifully displayed. And they are so proud to see these glistening on our tree every year. So if you don’t already have a set or two of these, you’ll want to get some for yourself. And get some to give, too. They make an incredibly special Christmas gift for teachers, friends and family. And you’ll be blessing Huan Mei and her sweet family in the process.

And so, just for fun, we’re giving some away. Check these out..


This is Scarlet Thread’s Merry and Bright Collection – a set of four

About the Merry and Bright Collection: Capturing the meanings of Gift, Glory, Peace, and Joy in the twists and turns of the wire, these heirloom pieces not only will become a treasured part of your family’s Christmas traditions, but will support Lao Yan and his family as they seek to meet their needs through their artistry.



This is one of Scarlet Thread’s Snowflake Ornaments – a set of three

About the Snowflake Ornaments: Just like the kind that fall on a soft winter’s night, this set of three handmade wire snowflakes are each unique. Each set is a one-of-a-kind assortment of snowflake sizes, shapes, and colors. While no two will be alike, we promise they will all be beautiful!



And here is Scarlet Thread’s Noelle Collection – a set of four

About the Noelle Collection: Capturing the meanings of Emperor/King, Good, Life, and Light… these ornaments are both delicate and beautiful, twinkling in the light of your Christmas tree and proclaiming the Good News of the King who brings Life and Light to our families.


Carrie from Scarlet Threads has sweetly donated all three sets shown above to be given away to one reader.

How to enter – each of the following will equal one entry:

— Share this post (just click “share” under the FB post), then leave a comment.
— Like Scarlet Threads on FB, then leave a comment on the FB post.
— Follow Scarlet Threads on Twitter, then leave a comment on the FB post.
— Visit Scarlet Threads and let me know your favorite product in a comment on the FB post.

So, you need to leave comments to let me know what you’ve done, m’kay? Otherwise I won’t know and you won’t be entered. And that would stink.

Giveaway starts today and ends on Wednesday, December 4th at midnight EST. Winner will be selected at random and announced on Thursday, December 5th.


Please consider purchasing a set or two of these ornaments from Scarlet Threads. What an awesome way to bless this precious family, and be blessed in the process. These gorgeous Christmas ornaments are such a beautiful way to say “Merry Christmas” to your friends and family, and what a story you could share with the recipient.

Ornaments are in stock and will arrive in time for Christmas giving and keeping.

And don’t miss Scarlet Thread’s Cyber Monday sale. You can read all the details here. I’d love to hear what y’all end up purchasing!

P.S. If you aren’t on Facebook and want to enter this giveaway, feel free to leave a comment here instead.



  1. Laura Harms says:

    I liked on facebook, but it won’t let me comment on there for some reason, so I’m commenting here.

  2. I loved these last year….and love love love them again….so beautiful

  3. Corrie Prickett says:

    I’m not on FB so I’m commenting here…..I got my first set last year and LOVE them. I just received a set of the Merry and Bright a few weeks ago and I love looking at them on my tree.

  4. Just order a set of ornaments and some earrings and added a link to FB. I remember trying to order these last year but never did and was glad to get another chance. Also would love a chance to win a set! Thanks Stefanie! All the best to you and yours this holiday season.

  5. Trish Salvant says:

    Liked, shared and visited site but FB won’t allow me to comment on your FB post. Love the Merry and Bright collection!

  6. Not on Facebook but have bought purses in past. Love ornaments

  7. Liked their FB page. I ordered 3 sets last year – one for me, one for my sis & one for my mom. 3 months before we traveled to China to get our first child. They hold new meaning for us this year.

  8. Anna Schmidt says:

    I love the ornaments :) the earrings are cute too!

  9. Not on FB … had never heard of Scarlett Threads before, absolutely beautiful! These would make beautiful gifts!!!

  10. Patty Topp says:

    I liked and shared on FB, but it won’t let me comment.

  11. Patty Topp says:

    I liked the Scarlet Threads on FB, but am unable to comment on your FB post.

  12. Patty Topp says:

    I follow Scarlet Threads on Twitter, but am unable to comment on your FB post.

  13. Patty Topp says:

    I love the necklace Eph 3:20!

  14. So cool; shared on Facebook.

  15. Not on Facebook. : ) Just bought a set of Merry and Bright Collection, along with a pillowcase dress for my daughter.

  16. Teresa Morgan says:

    Liked Scarlet Threads on FB….I like the Noelle collection.

  17. I liked on facebook and left a comment. Love these and can’t wait to order a set for my tree!

  18. Stephanie, I shared this post to FB and also liked the Scarlet Threads link. I also made an order but was wondering if you know if the items will arrive before Christmas? I didn’t notice a shipping date. No biggie, just curious. Praying they are able to raise lots of money for their sweet family. God Bless and Merry Christmas!

  19. I liked on FB, followed on Twitter, shared on FB, and visited the site and picked my favorite: the wire ornament collections. But FB won’t let me comment.

  20. Stephanie in NC says:

    I love the Noelle collection. I liked on facebook and shared on facebook. These will certainly look beautiful on my tree! Hoping I win!!

  21. LOve these – so meaningful!

  22. I “like” Scarlet Threads on fb”
    Kim o

  23. Just shared on fb

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