a picture is more than a picture.

It represents something.

It stands for something.


Like comfort. Safety. Blessings.

Like love.

Linking up with my friend Lisa on The Long Road to China. You must check out her laundromat series.



  1. What a lovely capture of a peaceful moment.

  2. Love seeing all the littles gathered arouund their big sister!

  3. Sweetest. Sisters. EVER. And Mr. Noah is just the icing on the adorable cake. Every family needs a big, comfy chair like that.

  4. What a gift sisters big and small are! Love how Noah is in the middle of everything already…..someone meant him just for your family….amazing!

  5. Oh yes indeed!!! A photo is worth a thousand words…… and this one speaks volumes!!
    So sweet!!! Thanks for the shout out friend. Have a wonderful weekend. Hope you get to relax and enjoy your family! xoxo

  6. What a sweet picture!! I love Victoria’s heart for her sweet siblings… Makes me smile. :)

  7. Hi Stefanie! I have a quick question about photography: what program do you use to edit your pictures? Thank you!

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