Sunday Snapshot: ice, baby.

I’ve got a lazy bone.

And even though I’d promised my kids I’d take them ice skating, the lazy mama in me was so not looking forward to it.


Because I knew.

I knew taking 6 kids – 4 of whom have never donned ice skates before – was going to be painful.


Thankfully, my tickets had an expiration date.

Because, even more than I am lazy, I am frugal.


So we ventured out, our first official homeschool field trip this year.


The girls were ecstatic.

Despite the fact that they could barely let go of the side, and their feet got sore, and they were cold, they had such a good time.


In fact, before we even left, they were asking when we could go back.


The boys were insane.

They were acting more like hockey players than ice skaters.

That is, hockey players that run into each other, laugh and fall down constantly.


Victoria and I?

We were exhausted.


Smiling, but exhausted.

Because it’s impossible to not have fun when you’re surrounded by so many happy small people.


In the end it was totally worth it.

Just not ready to go back any time soon.


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Happy Sunday, y’all.



  1. The second to the last photo of Asher just made me teary.

  2. Wait wrong son! that’s Dalton. Whew

  3. I so hear you! I shudder at the thought of going ice skating! Adore the pic of D and T!

  4. Looks very fun!! :)

    My boys love ice skating. Well Finland IS an ice hockey country, it’s in our blood. 😀

    PS. We use ice hockey helmets too.

  5. Cute post. So many happy faces!! I love how beautifully dressed they are … Poppy’s colorful sweater, Lula’s bow, Funny to see that no one is wearing hats or gloves or mittens but you live in Alabama so why would they?? lol. Good for you and Victoria for making the effort!!

  6. Certainly made for some precious photos, but I can soooo relate. :)

  7. Stef these pics are great!!!! My favorite though tis Dalton and Poppy.. So sweet…
    Happy Sunday!

  8. Ice Skating is a lot of work – but fun too!

  9. I had to read this post because we have had the same conversation with our kiddos! They want to go skating! I would love for them to go skating but I also dread bringing 13 little dears to the ice arena- yikes! Your pictures are wonderful and maybe, just maybe we will give it a try!

  10. Love love love the picture of Dalton and Lula! Glad y’all had fun!

  11. Great photos, but please, please, please don’t let your kids skate without gloves. I know a child who lost 2 fingers at an ice rink when he fell and someone skated over his hand.

  12. You post echoes my feelings about ice skating, too! Great pictures!

  13. Your big daughter is so awesome! :)

  14. You go mama! These shots are so wonderful!

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