a pleasant surprise

I had a photography assignment to do. One I had kinda-sorta been putting off.

Because the assignment was to get a picture of me.


So, since I don’t own a tripod nor a remote, I figured I’d have one of my kiddos snap the picture… you know, once I’d determined the location, chosen the settings on my camera, taken a few practice shots, given them detailed instructions on composition and then switched places with them.

Simple enough, right?

I gathered up the kiddos who were willing to join me on my photo-adventure, and we were off.

Out to the back woods. The weather was perfect. We were making silly jokes. And everyone just felt especially joyful.


We found a few interesting places where we’d never ventured before. And I took a few shots of the kids. Just to capture the day.


And, if you’re wondering, I did manage to get the pictures I needed for my photography assignment. Will post those on Sunday.

But these pictures ended up being my favorites.


It was a pleasant surprise.

Linking up with my friend and oh-so-talented photography instructor, Lisa at The Long Road to China.



  1. Everyone looks so happy and indeed joyful!! And WARM. It’s 9 degrees here. Please send sun to New Jersey!!!! :)

  2. Great photos! Now if only the warm weather will return. Have a great weekend!

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