Sunday Snapshot: snow

Several of y’all have asked and no, I did not photograph my kids on their snow-day-extravaganza. Because mom + ice + snow + camera = certain wreckage.

Also, like my children, I strongly dislike being cold. And wet.

But I did manage to get a few of Miss Tallula the day before.

I’m in a photography class and I had an assignment in mind. The beautiful blanket of snow was inspiring.


Tallula was thrilled to be my muse. Especially because it meant she’d be on the initial expedition out into the snow.

She also knew that candy and a tutu might be involved.

The snow was new for her. Once we were out in it, she wasn’t sure what to think. She’s never been in more than a light dusting of the stuff in her life.

But just a minute or two later, bribe candy cane in hand, she was starting to dig it.


Seamus, my other muse? Not so much.

I had hoped to capture a few of the two of them together.

He ran out into it, sniffed it, made some of it yellow, and, after stopping to say hey to Lula, proceeded to run right back inside.


And, by this time, Lula was ready to follow suit.

11 minutes after stepping out into the snow, we were heading back in. Cold and wet.

Thankfully, it was nothing a candy cane or two couldn’t fix.


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Happy (almost) Sunday, y’all.



  1. These are lovely, especially since you only took 11 minutes! NICE! :)

  2. I do love these photos! Love the color against the snow but really just love the sweetness of your baby girl!

  3. Lovely photos!!

  4. It was a nice surprise…but we were glad to see it go. :)

  5. I love this!!! Looks so much like my granddaughter, Kanah………right down to the exact same tutu!! : )

  6. I am new here, I just happen to stumble upon your blog. And I love it. I absolutely love these photos especially the last one, which is my favorite out of the bunch.
    I look forwards to participating with sunday snapshot each week :)

  7. Love how your doggie didn’t want to set his TUSH down in the snow!! (Heck, who would!?!?)

  8. DARLING outfit!! Such a fashion maven that girl!!

  9. Beautiful photo! Just precious!

  10. This series is just darling. I love her little outfit. And that shot of her with Seamus is just precious!

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