Sunday Snapshot: into the frame

Sooo, I mentioned having to get “into the frame” for my photography class.

Not my favorite place to be.

But once we were out there, with Poppy perched on my lap, it wasn’t so bad.


Okay. It was a lot of fun.

Especially laughing at all the silly things Sophie and Vivienne were doing to try to make Poppy smile. I won’t go into details to protect their privacy, but let’s just say, they weren’t holding back.


And it worked. Just look at that beautiful Poppy smile.

So happy. So joyful.


Seriously. I just can’t resist this girl.

And thank goodness I don’t have to.


Good times. So grateful to have a smidge of it captured on film.


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Ni Hao Yall

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Happy Sunday, y’all.



  1. Beautiful moments! <3

  2. I dont know why my link is not showing. I will visit the other ones. Great to see great photos like yours =)

  3. You are beautiful! You should step in front of the camera more often!

  4. I love it and I bet Poppy did too!

  5. lovely! now you need a remote to capture YOU in more precious moments with your kids!! you are stunning!!!

  6. Two beautiful girls!

  7. Beautiful moments; beautiful photos; beautiful ladies!

  8. I recall that you once used the phrase, “As a complete Poppy addict…”

    I think that we can all see why. Your girls are all beautiful; your boys are all handsome. Much to be proud of.

  9. A lot of folks that follow your blog and have shared in your journeys to China are complete Poppy Addicts! I recall so well how terrified she was those first few days. I prayed and prayed that her heart would open and she would be comforted by the love surrounding her. Those first tiny smiles certainly melted my heart!! I am always so very grateful to see Poppy smile and laugh and just exude joy and little girl playfulness. She is home with her family where she belongs and it’s a wonderful thing to see that great big smile as she sits in her mama’s lap. God Bless!! xoxo

  10. Love these photos! So beautiful!

  11. You two are beautiful!
    Thanks 4 hosting this project.
    I wish you a happy new week, Wieczora (◔‿◔)| My photoblog

  12. We are currently selecting an agency to adopt a child from China through. I’ve heard that you should choose an agency with a lot of orphanage partnerships because it makes the wait shorter. Can you explain what that means to me?
    Thank you!

    • Hey Kate! If you choose an agency with more orphanage partnerships, that means they should, in theory, have access to more kiddos in need of a family. So if agency A has partnerships with 15 orphanages, and agency B has partnerships with 1, there is going to be a significant difference in the number of the children that agency A can place over agency B. Now you need to take into account the number of families WAITING with each agency – don’t overlook this! Many families flock to 1 or 2 well-known agencies and get into a 2-3 year wait behind hundreds of other families when there are many, many kiddos who need a family NOW. Be sure to do some thorough research before committing to any agency.
      Hope this helps.

  13. Oh, I think so!

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