lunch, these days

I’m not much of a scheduler, organizer or list-maker.

You could say I’m about as far from a Type A as possible.

If there’s anything past a Type B, I’m it.


But some things happen in the same way, most every day, whether I intend to or not.

Like eating. Evidently, these crazies want to eat just about the same time. Just about every day.

And they like to sit – like this – just about every day, too.

Which gives me a front row seat into their craziness.


Some days the craziness even includes a guest. Like Froggy.

Which is okay with my girls because Froggy doesn’t eat much.

And he doesn’t talk much, either.


But the rest of ’em… well, let’s just say we have lots of conversation.

Lots and lots of conversation.


The other day it went something like this…

Lula: When I grow up, I want to be a princess. Or the tooth fairy.

Poppy: When I grow up, I want to be a queen. Or a doctor.

Vivienne: Well, when I grow up, I want to be a doctor and help people. Or a library-girl and make lots of money.

I hadn’t realized that librarians rake in the big bucks.


These days.

These days are the days I don’t want to forget.



  1. A Library Girl…that’s where it’s AT girlie. Medical school is wicked expensive…but by the time you get there perhaps student loans will be more in control. Either way…Library Girl or doctor I have no doubts that these three will make whatever they do colorful and a lot of fun!!!

  2. Too cute. But as a librarian (we give up the library girl title after 35) I’m wondering where my big bucks are?

  3. So sweet they have each other!

  4. So sweet! It’s wonderful that they know they can grow up and be whatever they want to be–so empowering! They are just darling in every way.

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