opening day

Last Saturday the high was 86.

Officially one degree higher than 85. The temperature it had to be.


When we bought it – the long-awaited, blow-up, backyard pool paradise – it was just barely March.

Way too cold to even consider breaking out anything that had to do with water and outdoors.


So I set a minimum temperature of 85 for opening day, knowing that without my sage input they’d have opened it immediately.

And probably all perished from pneumonia.


They didn’t seem to appreciate my fierce mother love.


Instead they asked, regularly, what the high for the day was going to be.

And shrugged their shoulders and walked away sadly when, day after day, the weatherman dashed their hopes.


By the time Saturday rolled around, with a high predicted of 86, I’m not sure who was happier.

The kids, that they would finally be able to enjoy their portable paradise.


Or me, because they would finally stop asking.


It was a community effort – from my 6 foot 14-year-old to my two, tiny 4 year olds, the kids gathered around as the pool was blown up and their watery paradise was at hand.


It was go time.


All day they spent outside, laughing, splashing.

Occasionally squirting each other with the hose.


Taking turns racing down the slide.


Enjoying the sunshine.


Aaaand, occasionally getting taken out by a big brother.

Sorry, Lula. I should have seen that one coming.



  1. First of all, I want it to be 86 degrees here, SOOOO badly!!! 😉 And second of all, the JOY… oh the joy on all those precious little faces is priceless. Awesome pictures.

  2. Send some of that warm weather over to Minnesota and Wisconsin? Your kiddos are looking cute and ecstatic as always!

  3. Jill S. says:

    AWESOME post!

  4. Great photos! I know the last couple days have been amazing!

  5. Ah, youth!

  6. thegangsmomma says:

    LOVE it! We’re on the countdown for opening our pool but this summer will be a very, very different one for us. NO big brothers to play and rough house with. One heading off to Basic Training and one working 50+ hours a week to save $$ for school… Sigh. I don’t think I like this growing up thing much at all.

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