it’s summer, continued.

A few days ago I posted about the “school kids” and their last day of school.

Today I’m following up with the littlest three. And then I’ll cover the “homeschool kids”. Slow and steady.


First is our littlest peanut, Tallula.

Tallula is 39″ and 33 pounds. That means she has grown 2 inches and gained one pound since I measured the kiddos last September. (Yes, I keep all my kids measurements here on the blog so I don’t lose them. Don’t judge.)

Best friend: Tori

Favorite color: pink

Favorite TV show: Peppa Pig

Favorite food: “Carrots or something? And fruit snacks.” (Hence the fact that she’s only gained one pound since last fall. I might have to eat more carrots.)


What she wants to be when she grows up: “A fairy princess. Because I’m so smart. And because I can fly.”

Favorite thing about pre-K: “I think coloring in my Lala Loopsy coloring book.”

Something she wants to do this summer: “Swing on the playground in the backyard.”

Something she wants to learn next year: “Maybe draw a giraffe.”



Next is Miss Poppy G.

Poppy is 40.5″ and 31 pounds. That’s up 2 inches, and one teeny tiny pound.

Best friend: Mommy (no, she was not coerced. yes, she did get candy after this.)

Favorite color: purple

Favorite TV show: Paw Patrol

Favorite food: “Pickles and butter. And strawberries because they’re so, so juicy and smushy.”


What she wants to be when she grows up: “Uhhh, a police. Because they can send people to jail.” When I asked her why (trying not to giggle) she replied, “Because their car might go too fast.”

Favorite thing about pre-K: “That homeschool thing, with the ladybugs.” (aka her alphabet workbook)

Something she wants to do this summer: “Swim in the pool, like we blow it up and put water in it.”

Something she wants to learn next year: “To swim.”



And then is Vivi Kate.

Vivi is 43″ and 46 pounds. That’s up 2 inches (yay for our *little person* who keeps on growing!) and 3 pounds.

Best friend: Macy

Favorite color: pink

Favorite TV show: Wallykazam

Favorite food: “Noodles – the swirly ones – with cheese.”


What she wants to be when she grows up: “Hmmm, what could I be? Oh I want to be a doctor. To help people.”

Favorite thing about Kindergarten: “You mean like our homeschool? Hmmm, my orange book with balloons (math). Because it’s easy for me.”

Something she wants to do this summer: “I want to play in the creek.”

Something she wants to learn next year: “To count by tens.”



And there you have it. My littlest peanuts in all their little-bitty glory.

Love ’em something crazy.



  1. dude– i need to eat more carrots… just wish they tasted like chocolate.

  2. It is cool that you have such a long wooded driveway that is pefect for photos!

  3. Stop it!!! Poppy did NOT say that Mommy is her best friend!! Oh the cuteness… Also, I love (and I mean LOVE) that Tallulah’s goal for next year is to draw a giraffe. Maybe. Girl, you have such cool kids.

  4. Completely Wonderful

  5. Your children are so beautiful! I have to say I celebrated when i saw how Vivi has grown. We did the happy dance at our home when our growth challenged daughter hit the 3 foot mark. She grew 3 inches in the year she has been home… but put on very little weight. We are in the process of our second adoption from china…. a little man this time. I cant wait to go and get him… and I have alittle under a year to wait…. Lord grant me patience!

  6. Love the answer of one of the little girls why wanting to pursue being a police woman:):)
    Ni hao is the only expression I know in Chinese, lol (because my son taught English there for 5 years).

  7. Your girls are too cute and I know they are the best of friends.Their answers cracked me up.

    So I’m assuming you’ve discontinued Sunday Snapshot?

  8. I LOVE how Lula said that her best friend is big sister Tori. <3 You've done a good job raising them.

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