my turn (aka that cake!)

For all of one week, my husband was married to a younger woman.

Then it was my turn.


Forget the cheesecake and the ice cream cake. I wanted a girly cake.

And – thanks to my beloved oldest child – a girly cake is what I got.


I also got 11 handmade cards, created just for me by each of my babies.

I firmly believe Noah would have made me a card if he could hold a marker and fold purple construction paper with those tiny paws of his. Because, well… I feed him. And have you seen his belly?


My husband even surprised me with a gift.

I say *surprised* because I had asked for something else – something unwrappable – and he’d agreed. But surprises are really nice.

Especially when that surprise is a tripod, which means you won’t have to haul a ladder around in the woods to stabilize your camera for fantastical shots.

Now I’m wondering if the fact that it was my husband who had to haul that ladder around the woods might have precipitated his gift choice for me this year…


Anyway, despite the fact that my youth is now firmly in my rearview mirror, it feels okay to officially turn one year older.

Surrounded by my kiddos, with our sweet Clementine on the way… I might even say, it feels good.

P.S. Another thing that made me feel good about my birthday was your sweet, sweet birthday wishes on Facebook. I wasn’t able to reply to every one, but I read them all. And I smiled a lot. Thank you.

P.P.S. The unwrappable gift arrived a few days later. And will be the subject of another post – soon.



  1. Happiest Birthday, Stefanie! I love that you are showing up in more photos lately!!

  2. Victoria should be sellin’ cakes!!!! Would she share her recipes?

  3. yummy cake! Love that the dogs head fit through the heart and so happy you had a great birthday!

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