He’s entering his second year of college this fall.

Over 600 miles away.

So when he’s here over the summer I have weeks, not months, to do all-the-stuff-I-wish-I-had-all-year-to-do.

Being a mama can be so hard on the heart.


One of the things on that “to-do” list is pictures.

Lots of pictures.


On this day we had driven to a specific spot where we’d hoped to take pictures.

When we arrived, though, it was already closed for the day.


But, in true Zach style, he was game to get a few shots right there. In the parking lot.

And even made me laugh in the process.

Reason #9475 I love this kid.



  1. looks like the perfect location right there in the parking lot! squeeze the stuffin’s out of him while he’s home!

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