these two

It’s the first day of school again.

Seriously feels like we were doing this just a few months ago instead of a whole year ago

summer you were just a blur.

(Especially when some of your kids are finally finishing up their school work from last school year. But I digress.)


This year the Shepster is going into the second grade. Jude is going into the third. Our only two who are going to public school.

Seven will be staying home. Six will be homeschooling.

And one will be doing her best to distract us all.


Both boys were a smidge nervous about their first day. And, as one who still suffers from a nervous tummy, I can totally sympathize.

So I had them shower last night and *try out* their clothes to make sure they felt sufficiently comfy. And looked duly dapper.

We made their lunches too, just to be sure they had less to do this morning.

Morning came. So very fast.

But at 6:00 AM they sprung up, ready to go. Nervous tummies and all.


So grateful these two have each other.

Because really, a nervous tummy isn’t nearly as bad when you’ve got your best friend by your side.



  1. love

  2. Love it. :)

  3. Such awesome little dudes!!!! Happy new school year!

  4. Perfection!

  5. Your boys are adorable! Praying they have a great school year!!

  6. Love, love, love the pic with the school bus coming. That’s awesome.

    They are such handsome little guys! My son is their age, and it’s such a crazy, fun, adventurous age. I hope their first couple of days went well!

  7. Having someone to start the day with like these two have is HUGE! And they are just adorable :)

    Momma to a new 2nd grader here too… and I’m DREADING the first day. First week. This is the first time she’ll be on the bus and in the building alone. No other Gang members to rely upon. No big brother to spy in the halls or at lunch for a sigh of relief and reassurance. I just don’t think this is gonna be an easy transition for her :(

  8. I also love the school bus shot! And what a gorgeous road you live on!!! Glad they have each other to start school with. They certainly are handsome guys :)

  9. Leigh Thune says:

    These boys! So beautiful to watch them grow. :)

    Special request: Can we get a Sophie update, please?

  10. Jillienne says:

    Love their smiles. We have 6 kiddos. One in college and 4 in public school and 1 who homeschools. I have another one who would stay home too. How do you decide who stays home and who goes to public school??

    • NiHaoYall says:

      Hey Jillienne – the Lord has been laying it on our heart to pull our kiddos out of public school when they get around middle school age. Our first homeschooler, Asher, came home 3 years ago, in 6th grade, as did Dalton. Isabelle came home a little younger due to other, additional concerns. And Sophie was just ready to come home (she’s in the 5th grade this year.) And that’s how we decide, just trying to be obedient to His calling in all things :)

      • Glad to see more people homeschooling “backwards”! It is so common to put kids back in once they get closer to High School – I did it backwards, coming home in 8th grade (I’m going in to 12th this year).

        Hope your school year is lovely!

  11. they are so cute !! A new lif begin for them, a life of new things, new trial, new challenges… but a wonderful one !!

  12. First day is always nerve -wrecking:)

  13. So precious to see the love between brothers! My boys are just babies but it’s so beautiful to see them care for each other.

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