christmas 2014


It was noisy. It was chaotic. It was wonderful. And the best part? Having this little one home. Be still my heart. To have her here, with us this year, was the greatest gift we could have ever imagined. But the kids wanted toys, too For some crazy reason. Tallula got a Frozen snuggle-thing. Whose one-size-fits-all sizing is evidently for much larger kids. But with Elsa's face on the front, does it really matter? Vivienne got the Bright Eyes Kitty. There were 3 Bright Eyes designs and 4 of my girls wanted one. Lula lost. Thankfully Lula is easy-going and … [Read more...]

homeschooling: 2014-2015


I shared a post similar to this a little over a year ago, with all our curriculum choices for the year. And I posted a follow-up at the end of the year, with our thoughts on all of Dalton and Asher's curriculum. (Thoughts on Isabelle's 3rd grade curriculum choices is here.) Let's just say, we didn't end the year the same way we began. But in homeschooling, that can be a really beautiful thing. .................................... Here is precious Vivienne. Six years old and technically in first grade, but she might still have one foot in kindergarden. School … [Read more...]

he’s 15


Happy Birthday, Asher. Granted, this post is over a month late, but my lack of posting is no reflection of my lack of love. Because this boy makes me smile. He's one year 11 months away from driving. And less than 3 years away from being officially an "adult". He's 6' tall and wears a size 14 shoe. But he's all kid. And his birthday party was a fitting reflection of his silly side. I think he preferred the cheap-o mustache he got from Sophie over any other gift he received this year. In fact, I think we all did. Don't go changin', Asher. … [Read more...]

it’s summer, continued again.


About this time last year, I posted about the curriculum I'd purchased for the 2013-2014 school year. So, as we close out the year with pictures and an end-of-the-year interview, I figured I'd toss in a quick review of the curriculum choices we made. Because I am nothing if not opinionated. But first, the year-end interview. Here is my sweet D, as he finishes up his 6th grade year - which was his first official year to be homeschooled. Let's see what he thought of it. Dalton is 5' 1" and 118 pounds. That’s up 2 inches, and 13 pounds since last … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: ice, baby.


I've got a lazy bone. And even though I'd promised my kids I'd take them ice skating, the lazy mama in me was so not looking forward to it. Because I knew. I knew taking 6 kids - 4 of whom have never donned ice skates before - was going to be painful. Thankfully, my tickets had an expiration date. Because, even more than I am lazy, I am frugal. So we ventured out, our first official homeschool field trip this year. The girls were ecstatic. Despite the fact that they could barely let go of the side, and their feet got sore, and they were cold, … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: Asher this summer


Good golly, man. When we're at home hanging out, it doesn't seem like our family is that big. Crazy, yes. Loud, yes. But it just seems like a regular number of kiddos. And yet, when your goal is to take them out, one by one, for pictures well... it doesn't seem regular at all. In fact, it seems like I've been working on this little pet project for months. Oh wait. I have. Anyway, here is my sweet Asher. I say "sweet" because he was happy to - on a Saturday afternoon - venture out with his mother. And her camera. Probably not at the top of most 14 … [Read more...]

how they grow


Because my memory often fails me. And because you can't misplace the internet (not that I've ever misplaced anything important.) I took measurements of my kiddos about the same time last year. But - thinking I'd get around to measuring them later - I skipped the littles. And never did measure them. Until yesterday. This year I decided to forego the lengthy process of individual pictures. And went for the super-quick group shot. After an after-school snack, I herded them out front. Begged them to look less irritated than they were. And took what I could … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: my babies


It's been a busy summer. In a good way. I've let a lot of "regular" things slip because I wanted to be intentional about spending time with my kids. And it has been so ridiculously fun. One of the things I put on the back burner - besides blogging regularly - was my photography. I used to pull my camera out every day or two. Lately it's been every week or two. Despite the layer of dust growing on my camera I was determined, before summer ended, to get a picture of all of my babies - together. To be honest, though, just the monstrosity of the task gave me … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: celebrating


On Monday Asher turned 14. On Wednesday Zach graduated from high school. On Thursday all my kiddos were officially under one roof again. And tomorrow is Father's Day. Needless to say, there's been a lot of celebrating going on around here. More pictures soon. When you're ready to play along, be sure to visit here for the full scoop. To link up this week with your Sunday Snapshot, just copy the code under the Snapshot button and paste it into the body of your post where you’d like the button to be displayed. When you hit … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: {the bigger boys}


Last set of school pictures. I *think*. I might try to work Tallula and Poppy in somehow. Anyway. Here are the bigger boys. The bigger-than-the-younger-boys but younger-than-their-biggest-brother boys. Asher first. Aaaaahhhh. Nothing more challenging fun than a 13 year old boy. Mom: What is your favorite thing about 7th grade? Asher: Sleeping in sometimes. When I don't get out of bed the first time someone wakes me up and no one notices for a while. Mom: What's your least favorite thing about 7th grade? Asher: Having to do more school work than … [Read more...]