there’s no such thing as an easy adoption.


Note: When I write about adoption, I'm speaking to other Christians. I can't write about adoption "in general" without beginning and ending with my faith. Separating my feelings and beliefs on adoption from my feelings and beliefs about Jesus is simply impossible. I think C.S. Lewis sums it up perfectly: "I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else." I can only see adoption through the lenses by which I see everything: Christ. Adoption would never have been part of my story apart … [Read more...]

fundraising family? orphan ministry? read on.

Lots of y'all commented and emailed me privately about your adoption fundraisers and orphan ministries and I'm so excited to for November now! But I need something first. Please email me a square button or logo - like the one below that my sweet girl made for me - so I can add you and your efforts on behalf of the orphan to my sidebar. It can be any size, I'll edit it to the correct dimensions, but it does need to be square. If you don't have a button, let me know. And if you know of anyone that's fundraising for adoption, please share... the more the … [Read more...]

for the orphan


Hello. I'm Stefanie. And this is my blog. Thought an introduction might be in order since it's been so long. I mean, it's been months since I've sat down to really write anything here. I know I've posted pictures, but writing has been more elusive. It's not that I haven't thought about it, or that I don't have anything to say. But by the time I sit down and try to compose my thoughts, someone (offenders shall remain nameless) asks for lunch. Or to color. Or to play a game. Or go outside. Or whatever. I'm sure all you mamas get the picture. But Orphan Sunday … [Read more...]

what you can do.

Vivi with her foster mama

If you've spent any amount of time around here, you know me. And my heart. I mean, I'm quite transparent here and share what's on my heart regularly, like it or not. And well, it is National Adoption Month. So you kinda-sorta had to know this was coming... A big part of my heart belongs to orphans. There is no denying that God has rocked our once-ordinary-little-family right into full-blown-craziness through adoption... and we couldn't feel more blessed. And I believe that caring for the orphan is something we all can do, whether we adopt or not. As mom to 7 … [Read more...]

on my heart


November is National Adoption Month. And yesterday was Orphan Sunday. So the subject of adoption has been occupying a lot of my brain matter lately. As a momma to seven beloved children that were once considered orphans, adoption is often on my mind. But I've been reminded that I want my passion for adoption to be more than something that is on my heart and in my head... I want my life to be affected as well. I want to be changed. I want my life to look different because of all that God has revealed to me about His heart for the orphan. I had hoped to write … [Read more...]

205 days


Six months, three weeks and one day after meeting Tallula in Wuhan China, she uttered these words for the first time, unsolicited. "I luh yooo, mama." she exhaled as she wrapped her arms around my leg. Adoption confounds that thing that comes so naturally between mothers and children: love. Love takes time. And patience. And lots and lots of grace. From both ends. Daily. And love isn't always guaranteed. So when love descends, it is especially sweet. Happy day. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It … [Read more...]

adopting? fundraising?


Well, come here! In honor of Orphan Awareness Month next month, I am excited to offer ad space here on Ni Hao Y'all for orphan ministries, adopting families and fundraising families at a discount now through the end of November. The Regular Joe ads are 50% off for orphan ministries, adoptive families and fundraising families. Just use the promo code "november" at checkout to get 1/2 off. If you do not have a button, but want to purchase a Regular Joe spot, I'll be glad to help create one for you. Just contact me using the link in the right sidebar. And the … [Read more...]

together for adoption


Heading out soon for Atlanta to the Together For Adoption conference going on tomorrow and Saturday. Can't wait to see what God is going to do through this event. If you're going, please come by and say, "hi!". You can find me at the Wild Olive table and I would love if you came by and let me squeeze your neck. Or just say, "hi!" back. Whichever you prefer. … [Read more...]



I have been blessed with many new friendships since God pricked our hearts and sent us on this journey of adoption. Some have been for a season. And some have been enduring. It's amazing how God connects us, through our passion for adoption and our love for Him, and blesses us through it. So grateful for one very special friendship. That has come to include not only us, but our husbands. And our kids. And how this friendship has blessed our family so very, very much over the years. So, today I thought I'd post these goofy pictures of Lisa … [Read more...]

husbands and wives


disclaimer: I am a Christ-following, stay-at-home mama. So, it would naturally follow that this post is written from the perspective of a Christ-following, stay-at-home mama. My goal here is to encourage, and to help others who are struggling. This is simply my opinion, from lessons I've learned on this journey called life. I am not a professional, nor do I play one on TV. If you don't want to hear my thoughts on adoption, marriage and sex, stop reading now. Otherwise, let's do this thing. A question I hear frequently is, "How can I get my husband to agree to … [Read more...]