Lucy’s forever family

Help. We are looking for the soon-to-be forever family for a little one who was cared for by An Orphan's Wish. She turns 2 this month and her special need is repaired clubfoot. Her name while at the House of Love was Lucy and her Chinese name is Rong Fu Xuan. Lucy will join her forever family in Nanning on February 24th and we would love to be able to connect with them before then. We do know that her new mama and baba are both very blond, and that they already have at least two children. If you know them, please leave a comment or contact us at here. If … [Read more...]

may their stockings overflow!

It's that time of year again. There is a chill in the air and Christmas thoughts are beginning to roll around in my head. And I can't help but think about how blessed we've been to Fill Their Stockings for the last two years. In 2011, our first year to Fill Their Stockings, over $15,000 raised for children under the care of Half the Sky, An Orphan’s Wish and Pearl River Outreach. Last year, we raised a total of over $26,000 for those same charities. This year, we are ready to do it all over again. And, once again, we need your help. Because there is no way we … [Read more...]

what they do.

They love kids. Kids without a mom and a dad. Kids with special needs. And they love them well. Meeting not only their day-to-day needs as well as their often-times complex medical needs, but their emotional needs, too. And that's not a task for the faint of heart. Last year An Orphan's Wish loved and served 28 kids in the CP/Residential Unit. 21 kids in the Clubfoot Unit. And 21 kids in the Special Care Unit. That's a lot of love. click above to read what AOW accomplished in 2012... ah-mazing. I wanted to share these pictures with y'all, … [Read more...]

Fill Their Stockings… wrapping it up.

Fill Their Stockings 2012 is over. And Fill Their Stockings, we did. $26,085 was raised collectively for Half the Sky, An Orphan's Wish and Pearl River Outreach, all because of the fantastic items that were donated and the crazy generous donations that poured in on behalf of those left behind. In other words, y'all brought it. In a big, big way. $10,165 was raised specifically for An Orphan's Wish - a charity that is so very near and dear to my heart. For some very special kids like Ellira, who was born with clubfoot and spina bifida. Kids who are … [Read more...]

a winner. and an updated update.

Wow. Just wow. Okay, first off, the winner of our Sweet and Sassy Bundle. Congratulations to Jill C. -- you are the winner! We hope you enjoy every bit of that sweet and sassiness. And now it's time for an update on the amount of funds raised for An Orphan's Wish. I had updated my update button yesterday morning and planned to post it yesterday. But yesterday was Monday. And Mondays are crazy. And you can probably guess the rest. It never got posted. And y'all were so crazy generous... the donations have been coming in since posting our "Flights, … [Read more...]

fill their stockings {the big finale} :: flights, camera, action!

Come. Walk with me. Let's stroll through over $2000 worth of fabulousness that awaits one incredibly fortunate person.... P.S. Y'all be sure to read through to the bottom because you will not believe all that this "Flights, Camera, Action!" bundle includes. donated anonymously donated by Florabella: website :: facebook read more about the Photography Classes donated by The Long Road to China in honor of Half the Sky donated by The Long Road to China in honor of Half the Sky donated by The Long Road to China in honor of Half the … [Read more...]

winner 4 and yet another update

Man, do I feel blessed to to witness y'all donate so generously to An Orphan's Wish. $5648 has been donated so far. But we're not done yet! We have the Sweet and Sassy Bundle running right now, and one final bundle... (P.S. y'all are not going to believe what is up for grabs in this last bundle). I can hardly wait to see what the total amount raised for AOW will be! And, woohooo! We have a winner! The Fabulous Fourth Bundle goes to Kimberly Silar. Congratulations Kimberly -- enjoy all your fabulous gifts! Each and every donation is such a blessing … [Read more...]

winner 3 and another update

I am seriously beside myself with this new total raised so far for An Orphan's Wish: $4764. Y'all have been crazy generous and it makes me smile so big to know that we share a deep love and concern for the orphan. Annnnnd.... we have a winner! The Apple-icious Bundle goes to April Yarger. Congratulations April! Each and every donation is such a blessing to these kids. An Orphan's Wish cares for 51 special needs children. But AOW does more than care for these kids. They love them. And it shows. Thank you for supporting such an important mission -- … [Read more...]

Fill Their Stockings… fourth fabulous bundle

So we took a tiny break after the craziness of Thanksgiving - sorry to keep y'all waiting - but we are back and ready to roll with our next big bundle of goodness, all to raise funds for orphans in China. This bundle will close on Saturday at midnight. Every donation made through Ni Hao Y'all will go directly to An Orphan's Wish. All the items in this post will be gifted to one winner, chosen at random, from all entries. Please see below for all the details and the button to donate to help Fill Their Stockings this Christmas. donated by the Kessler … [Read more...]

Help us Fill Their Stockings… again!

We are back... and so excited to launch Fill Their Stockings, again! Last year was absolutely phenomenal - over $15,000 raised for orphans in China under the care of Half the Sky, An Orphan’s Wish and Pearl River Outreach. And we are asking for your help to do it again this year! WHO: Lisa, Diana and Stefanie WHAT: Will be hosting 12 Days of Giveaways... just in time for Christmas giving (or keeping!) WHEN: Beginning around November 12th WHERE: Our blogs - First a Pearl, Then Three Rubies, The Long Road to China, and Ni Hao Y’all WHY: To benefit … [Read more...]