a beautiful reminder

We recently had a opportunity to have our family photos taken professionally. And, of course, I jumped at the chance. I shared a few of these on a post at No Hands But Ours, but there are a few more. And since this is where I *attempt* do the memory-keeping for this family o' mine, I wanted to share them here most of all. I didn't have super high expectations. After all, no one got new clothes or had their hairs did. Only a few of our outfits even really coordinated. And one of us was missing her nap. But I just figured we'd go out there and have fun. And, … [Read more...]

the dreaded family photo

Another thing on my list of things-to-do-before-Zach-leaves was family pictures. As in pictures of our entire family. Can I just add something here? UGH. I already struggle with trying to photograph just a few of my kids together. Getting everyone in the same frame, still relatively clean, all looking in the same general direction and not making a face is, honestly, ulcer-inducing. Add to that the fact that for the entire family to be in the same frame, I had to figure out the self-timer (thank you, Victoria), set up the tripod (thank you, Asher), and … [Read more...]

out and about

It's summer. And all my babies are home. My most favorite time of year. And there is so much I want to squeeze into the time we are all together - all fun stuff, of course. But the truth is, we just don't get out a whole lot. For several reasons. 1) I am a homebody 2) "We" is a whole lot of people 3) For this mama to get this crew rolling, it has be good. And it has to be affordable So when we found out that this much-talked-about, National Historic Landmark, 20th century blast furnace was open to the public, (and free!) we were all … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: start to finish

Ohmigoodness. We took the kids to the McWane Science Center. And we had so much fun. For over 5 hours, 2 adults and 9 kids ran around 4 floors, giggling and squealing with delight. Okay, only some of us were squealing. And every time the kids found something wonderful, I couldn't help but snap a picture. Hence the very, very lengthy Sunday Snapshot. And so, no more words... just pictures of our trip. Start to finish. The End. Because mama needs a nap. If you're ready to play along, … [Read more...]


a picture is more than a picture. It represents something. It stands for something. Like comfort. Safety. Blessings. Like love. Linking up with my friend Lisa on The Long Road to China. You must check out her laundromat series. … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot :: {one minute}

I've done a day in the life post before. Okay, it was 2 1/2 years ago, but still. Tonight, because I had much less time and much less energy, I decided to try a minute in the life. One spontaneous minute -- snapping pictures of what's going on around here. In just one room. I think the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. And I think they depict clearly why, come bedtime, I am one tired mama. If you're ready to play along this week, visit here for the full scoop. To link up this week with your Sunday … [Read more...]

wishing y’all…

a very Merry Christmas. What a year it's been. Up. Down. Everything in between. I'm grateful for every bit of it. And I'm grateful for each one of you crazies who comes to visit, support and love on us here. Can not wait to see what 2013 brings for all of us. P.S. Yes. The horse made it onto our Christmas card. … [Read more...]

my week by iPhone.

I finally figured out how to retrieve my iPhone pics without having to actually find a plug and hook my phone up to my computer, and then move my pictures over to my computer and then move them to where I want them to go. Okay, I sorta knew how to do it, but I hadn't actually done it. But I did yesterday, via my new best friend Dropbox, and now I'm all set. I love me some Dropbox because I can put a picture or a file in my Dropbox folder on my laptop, and then I can access it on any of our other computers, including my iPhone. And vise versa. Love. So I'm … [Read more...]

husbands and wives

disclaimer: I am a Christ-following, stay-at-home mama. So, it would naturally follow that this post is written from the perspective of a Christ-following, stay-at-home mama. My goal here is to encourage, and to help others who are struggling. This is simply my opinion, from lessons I've learned on this journey called life. I am not a professional, nor do I play one on TV. If you don't want to hear my thoughts on adoption, marriage and sex, stop reading now. Otherwise, let's do this thing. A question I hear frequently is, "How can I get my husband to agree to … [Read more...]

the family photos that almost weren’t.

Despite a freak rain/hail shower, and over an hour spent stuck in traffic due to a downed power line, we actually made it to our family photos session. Barely. So grateful we were working with a photographer - through Red Thread Sessions - that was refreshingly easy-going. The rain actually worked to our advantage because it caused the temperature to drop from 99 to 74. Thank You, Lord. But the extra hour we spent stuck in traffic caused the kids to be one hour hungrier. And the littlest were one hour crabbier. Oh well. I dragged my camera along for fun … [Read more...]