something sweet

Yes. Christmas was good. Been slowly but surely making my way through the sea of photos. When you have 13 people opening presents - and a few dogs to boot - it makes for a heckuva lot of pictures. In the meantime I wanted to share these pictures. Of our Christmas breakfast. Originally Victoria and I were going to tackle the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon roll recipe. But the two hour prep time scared me. So we went with the faux Cinnabons instead. And no one seemed to mind. Hope your Christmas was as sweet as ours. … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: {ellie’s caramels}

We make these every year. Okay. More like we make these every year I have the inclination to make them. I made them last year for my neighbors and it was such a success - seriously, my neighbors were stopping me after Christmas to ask me about them - I decided to expand my efforts to include teacher gifts this year. Which meant I'd be making lots and lots of caramels. I stocked up on enough ingredients for 10 batches, not certain just how much I'd need, but not wanting to be caught short. And, well... you know. Having extra caramel ingredients on hand … [Read more...]

thank you, PW.

I was leaving WalMart at about 1:00 this afternoon when my phone rang. It was my sweet neighbor, inviting us to eat with them and our other neighbors for Memorial Day. At 3:00. Since I had milk in my trunk, I knew I couldn't turn around and go back to WalMart. I'd just have to dig up find something at home to take along. Once I got home and looked in my pantry, I realized that was easier said than done. Because when you've got as many little ones as we do, unless you're bringing along an entire side of beef, nothing quite seems sufficient. Thankfully, I … [Read more...]

dinner tonight

Today should have been grocery day. Actually, yesterday should have been. But it wasn't. Which meant that for dinner tonight, we had to get *ahem* creative. A recipe that requires no meat? Check. Flour, yeast, salt and oil? Check. A few veggies left at the bottom of the fridge? Check. After the pizzas were assembled, we even had enough pizza dough left over for a little fun. We rolled out the extra dough, tossed on some cinnamon, sugar and apples, tossed it in the oven... and, let's just say, there were no complaints … [Read more...]

a Christmas tradition

I want to share with y'all a Christmas tradition we have around here. Well, I guess not so much a tradition in the literal sense. Because some years I'm just too darned lazy busy to make it. But every time I do make this confectionery delight, I am so. stinkin'. glad. I did. Meet Ellie's Caramels. So named for the kindly older lady that introduced me to these hip-packin'-melt-in-your-mouth bites of heaven. Actually, first meet the innards of Ellie's Caramels. With a cast of characters this small and unassuming, I find this recipe delightfully … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: {Saturday Night Special}

I love Saturdays. For lots of reasons. But the biggest one? My husband is home. Ahhhhhhh. And on Saturdays, only on Saturdays, he has time to make my very favorite meal. Chicken Fried Steak, where have you been all my life? Of course, I could make it myself. But why? He makes it so much better than I. And all the work? The dipping? The frying? And the cleaning? Doesn't bother him nearly as much as it bothers me. Which just works for us. Because I? Like to do the eating. Hey, some things, I'm good at. … [Read more...]

my day.

I spent 1 hour this morning compiling recipes. Then 1 hour hustling to get everyone ready. And 1/2 hour to get to the commissary. Then close to 2 hours to complete the shop. And change a diaper. And go to the bathroom. And eat a few monster cookies. Three baskets of groceries, I kid you not. Another 1/2 hour to get home. And, exhaustingly, 2 more hours to get everything brought in and put away. Okay, we were moving pretty slow by then. All this for a Thanksgiving dinner. At our new house. Surrounded by all our … [Read more...]

um… yum.

I bought these on a whim at the commissary the other day. Something newer, and I hoped better, than the canned cinnamon rolls my kids love to indulge in on Saturday morning. And since we can't really justify the cost of getting everyone a Cinnabon at the mall, well... this seemed like a fun, and much less 'spensy, alternative. So last weekend, we made the first batch (the box has enough to make 2 batches). It was an unqualified success. Easy enough for the kids to make, and yummy enough for everyone to eat. And they ate it ALL. And it actually was … [Read more...]

thanks, PW.

Yes I did.I just felt so bad, y'all.My man and young 'uns had labored long and hard on Saturday afternoon, getting my car all spic and span. And they deserved to leave the dinner table with full bellies.Full and happy bellies.Enter Pioneer Woman.And her Ranch Chicken.I thought it looked good when it was all done... but my crew doesn't judge on looks. They judge on taste.The conclusion?Thumbs up all around.Even from the one who had to clean all the dishes.The burden has been lifted. … [Read more...]

salsa, old school style

I'm just gotta say it. I am a lazy cook. I always almost always take the easy, quick route, if possible. Rarely do I deviate from this methodology, it just works for me.Unless you're talking about salsa. During tomato season.I saw these beautiful Romas the other day at the grocery and I couldn't resist. I can only make salsa a few times each season, it's so laborious, but my taste buds could hold out no longer.I bought 'em. And brought 'em home.Then I chopped them up before making them endure more cruelty in the food processor.There are certain unnamed people in my … [Read more...]