a pleasant surprise


I had a photography assignment to do. One I had kinda-sorta been putting off. Because the assignment was to get a picture of me. *yeah* So, since I don't own a tripod nor a remote, I figured I'd have one of my kiddos snap the picture... you know, once I'd determined the location, chosen the settings on my camera, taken a few practice shots, given them detailed instructions on composition and then switched places with them. Simple enough, right? I gathered up the kiddos who were willing to join me on my photo-adventure, and we were off. Out to the … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: 14 from 2013


I did it last year. The year before. And even the year before that. It's sort of a thing, I suppose. And, since 2013 doesn't want to be left out, here are my favorites from the last year. Not necessarily technically my favorites, from a photography standpoint. Just from a mama's standpoint. 1. Princess Vivienne. 2. My incredibly silly pony. 3. My brave and beautiful Velvet, just days before she passed away. 4. Isabelle... being Isabelle. 5. Tallula, home one wonderful year. 6. My babies. Every one of 'em. 7. My biggest boy, the … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: ice, baby.


I've got a lazy bone. And even though I'd promised my kids I'd take them ice skating, the lazy mama in me was so not looking forward to it. Because I knew. I knew taking 6 kids - 4 of whom have never donned ice skates before - was going to be painful. Thankfully, my tickets had an expiration date. Because, even more than I am lazy, I am frugal. So we ventured out, our first official homeschool field trip this year. The girls were ecstatic. Despite the fact that they could barely let go of the side, and their feet got sore, and they were cold, … [Read more...]

a birthday and a mustache.


This was supposed to be a Sunday Snapshot. In which case it would be a few days late. Or several days early, depending on how you look at it. Either way, it's a good one. Because my baby, my last baby-by-birth, just turned 12. And that crazy business calls for a party... and a cake... and lots and lots of merriment. The party part was easy. To be honest, any time a group our size gets together for a meal under joyful circumstances it could be considered a party. The cake was easy too, thanks to my multi-talented daughter. She actually made the cake … [Read more...]

four weeks in


Not ashamed to say it. Just four weeks into the new year and homeschooling an 8th grader and a 6th grader is kicking my hiney. More specifically, an 8th grader who is taking a high-school Biology course, doesn't manage his time extremely well and can't resist a game of hide-and-seek with his sisters. And a 6th grader who never misses an opportunity to distract his brother and can usually be found shooting baskets instead of finishing his handwriting practice. The school day around here has lasted until 5 PM on more than one occasion. Mama just can't do … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: Dalton this summer


Since celebrating Poppy's 2 years home with a photo shoot, I've been taking my kids out - one by one - to capture them this summer. Given, it's almost fall now, but I'm not one to let a technicality stop me. Sophie's photos are here and Isabelle's are here. Just a few more to go. Okie-dokie. Back to Dalton. When trying to decide what "favorite thing" to bring along on his photo shoot, Dalton had to choose between the dog and the basketball. The dog won. I told y'all that my kids are even more smitten than I am. And as you can see, I wasn't … [Read more...]

how they grow


Because my memory often fails me. And because you can't misplace the internet (not that I've ever misplaced anything important.) I took measurements of my kiddos about the same time last year. But - thinking I'd get around to measuring them later - I skipped the littles. And never did measure them. Until yesterday. This year I decided to forego the lengthy process of individual pictures. And went for the super-quick group shot. After an after-school snack, I herded them out front. Begged them to look less irritated than they were. And took what I could … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: my babies


It's been a busy summer. In a good way. I've let a lot of "regular" things slip because I wanted to be intentional about spending time with my kids. And it has been so ridiculously fun. One of the things I put on the back burner - besides blogging regularly - was my photography. I used to pull my camera out every day or two. Lately it's been every week or two. Despite the layer of dust growing on my camera I was determined, before summer ended, to get a picture of all of my babies - together. To be honest, though, just the monstrosity of the task gave me … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: a new normal


Since the move, the attendance at our little homeschool has doubled. Welcome to our newest student, Dalton. I'd been worried that adding Dalton to the mix would double (or even worse) the homeschooling chaos around here. Asher and I both share a bit of a laissez faire mentality and occasionally frequently lack of organization and chaos can rule. And Dalton and Asher have a tendency to do what brothers two years apart in age do. Fight. Wrestle. Punch. Noogie. Annoy. Distract. Fight. But having Dalton home has been fantastic. His enthusiasm, … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: {celebrating D}


My boy went and turned 11 on me. The youngest child from my womb. And - despite the fact that this event made me want to suck my thumb, eat copious amounts of chocolate and never leave my bed again - we went out to celebrate. And celebrate, we did. On this night, the sky was the limit. Appetizers and entrees galore. Everyone was smiling. Eating. And eating some more. And then came the much-anticpated round of Happy Birthday. And the dessert. Let's just say, it was worth changing out of my sweats for. And I think Dalton was pretty happy … [Read more...]