Vivienne and her very special feet

I don't talk a whole lot about Vivienne's special need because, well, most days it just doesn't come up. She's an amazing kid - bright, silly, happy. With the sassiest comebacks ever. And physically, despite her skeletal dysplasia and bilateral arm deformity, she's quite capable. She does pretty much whatever she wants, in her own special way. But recently her mobility has decreased. She's growing and her legs are tighter. Her heel doesn't touch the floor any more, making it increasingly more difficult for her to go up stairs or climb hills. In the last few … [Read more...]

Gus. again.

Oh my, y'all. This little guy is still waiting for his family to find him. His file is with Lifeline and will return to the shared list at the end of this week if a family does not come forward for him. I can speak personally of Lifeline. We LOVE them and consider them to be one of the very best adoption agencies out there. Lifeline just received an update on Gus and he seems to be doing so well. They also received some videos of him walking. Hold on to your hearts, ladies... this little guy is too sweet for words. Please help spread the word about … [Read more...]


Look at this little guy. His name is Gus. And he is just one year old. And his special need is dwarfism. Ooooh, I can't stand it. Don't his little chubby, dimply arms look just like Vivi's? As y'all probably know, our Vivienne has dwarfism. We still aren't quite sure what form of dwarfism she has, as there are many, many forms. The truth is, we may never know exactly what type of dwarfism she has. But what we do know for sure is that she is, to us, the most precious peanut on the planet. We could not be more crazy about her and we feel so very blessed … [Read more...]

sassy pants

This girl. Is so incredibly sweet. Smart. Loving. Adorable. There is not a person (or animal, for that matter) in this household that is immune to the allure that is Vivienne. And you can probably see why. Truly, she has enchanted us. Which is sayin' something when it comes to the 6' 2" and 195 pounds of tough guy she so-sweetly calls 'daddy'. She might be 3 1/2 and barely wearing a size 2, but she's got a whole lot goin' on. For more Black and White cuteness, check out my friend Lisa's blog. … [Read more...]

another visit to Boston

Today Vivienne met with the geneticist at Boston Children's. Again.Not a whole lot was learned, though. Other than confirming that our girl is growing, along her own sweet little curve, and her legs actually look quite, well... normal.WOOT!And that, because of the discrepancy between her relatively normal legs, and her not-so-normal arms, our girl is quite possibly one of a kind.So much so, that they are going to have an expert in skeletal dysplaysia contact us, to learn more about her. She truly seems to be a conundrum to all the specialists that she has yet to … [Read more...]


I am just nutty about Vivienne.We all are.One of my favorite things about this little sassy pants is her ability to embrace life.She inhales it, at full force, every minute of every day. And doesn't let anything stand in her way.A quality I think will prove to be essential for our precious girl as she navigates life.A life that won't look like mine or yours... because she has skeletal dysplasia.And somehow, I have every confidence that she is going to do just fine. … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: {just as she is}

Things are better.Much, much better.I mean, how can they not be... when she's around?Just look at her.Falling in love with this child has been the easiest thing I've ever done.And it's because I do love her so, that I think her 'diagnosis' has been so difficult for me to bear.I found myself feeling fiercely protective of her. And grieving for all I feared she might endure.And a million other emotions that made me just want to alternately cry... and squeeze the dickens out of her.God is revealing to me some sweet truths about His plans for Vivienne. Vivienne is how He … [Read more...]

the elephant

There is an elephant standing smack dab in the middle of my brain.Until now, I just haven't felt ready to really talk about it... despite the fact that it occupies the majority of my brainpower lately. And, other than when I am safely nestled in my husband's arms and free to bawl my eyes out, I haven't. I still don't really want to talk about it, but I guess I'm ready to at least try. I feel like I've got to try. Because until I do, it just doesn't feel right to talk about anything else.I just can't seem to get around the elephant that is occupying way too much … [Read more...]

here to there

Wow. I am just mentally exhausted.Uninspired.It's been so much harder to hear those 'words' than I expected.But, with all things that are hard to bear, I've just got to process it. Live in it. Embrace it, whether I want this for my daughter or not. It just is. It is who she is, and the truth is, I wouldn't want her any other way.Putting my head in the sand just is not an option. I've got a daughter to take care for. To love. To teach just how fearfully and wonderfully made she truly is.And the fastest way from here to where I need to be is straight … [Read more...]

how I love…

this girl.The news we received yesterday just solidified that, in so many ways.Vivienne has skeletal dysplasia:"Skeletal dysplasias are bone and cartilage disorders that affect the growth and development of the skeleton and result in short stature and dwarfism."There is more to share, but I'll have to collect my brain before I can do that here.I am tearful. I can't quite put my finger on exactly why... all I keep thinking of is how ridiculously much I love this child. I am so, so blessed to be Vivienne's mother. … [Read more...]