Y'all.Check this out.There is a mommy blog thang going on over at The Bump.And Ni Hao Y'all is, evidently, the blog that's up in the "Adoption" category.I'm not gonna lie. I had no idea this was going on. But I know now. So, let's hear it for Adoption.Huh?Let's HEAR IT FOR ADOPTION!!That's better.Get over there. And vote.I think you can even vote more than once. Just sayin'.*end of public service announcement* … [Read more...]

15 minutes

My good buddy, Tonggu Momma, emailed me yesterday to share some news. Ni Hao Y'all had made it onto the '101 Best Adoption, Loss and Infertility Blogs'. And, alongside Linny's and M3's mega-uber-cool-blogs, I was in some pretty rockin' company.Suh-weet.At last. My 15 minutes has arrived.Actually, what made me really want to dance around the room in a way that embarrasses even my smallest children is that my baby, No Hands But Ours, was on that list as well.Dude. I think I might cry.That site has been such a labor of love for me. It all began almost to two years ago, … [Read more...]

his big day

Today was a big day for my husband.So big, his parents even came to town. All the way from Texas.So big that the littles missed their nap and I was forced to substitute M&Ms for sleep.It didn't work, by the way.So big, I had to wear lots and lots of rubbery undergarments.The kind that are so thick and cumbersome, you wonder if your dress is tucked into your undies, because you'd never be able to feel it.I also re-discovered some panty hose I hadn't seen in years.It wasn't a joyful reunion.But we endured a 1.5 hour ceremony in which my husband was honored.And in … [Read more...]

for a rainy day

**Proceed with caution. Clicking on any of the links contained in this post might prove to be exceedingly time consuming. You might want to wait for a rainy day, when you have no particular place to be. If you choose to proceed, be sure your children are duly occupied and you have a large cup of coffee within reach**Y'all probably remember my trip out to the Pioneer Woman's ranch last March. Where I met and actually hung out with the Pioneer Woman and Bakerella? Well, even if you don't remember like it was yesterday, I do. It's etched in my memory. I will be recounting … [Read more...]

Wow and some free stuff

We not only WON, but we won with style! Almost 100 votes more than the second place site, thankyouverymuch! How incredible the support of this community is... a big ol' thank you to everyone who took the time to register and vote! I mean it, y'all!We are still collecting family stories, links to family blogs as well as resources for No Hands But Ours. And we will be adding content on a continuous basis.... the more families that are represented, the better the site will be! If you would like to submit your story, great! No need to ask if we need it... rest assured, we … [Read more...]