So Loved – in stock and some precious news


At the end of August, So Loved was relaunched to an amazing response. (Y'all are so crazy wonderful.) In just four months, over $2200 was raised, all from the sales of So Loved. My plan had always been to make the So Loved donation once a year - on July 31, Esther's birthday. But then came Meredith. And her babies. Meredith and I met online about 5 years ago, when we worked together for An Orphan's Wish. Several years later we got a chance to meet in person and last fall were able to get together again. This time for dinner. At my house. Brave … [Read more...]

Scarlet Threads: a Christmas giveaway


Ready for some fun? A bunch of fun? Me too. Okay, y'all remember last year, when I posted about the gorgeous Christmas ornaments from Scarlet Threads? And the heartbreaking story Carrie shared of Huan Mei and her horrific work accident that left her with a stack of devastating medical bills and without a job... her hardworking husband taking a job two hours away to provide for Huan Mei's care and their precious children. Well, Carrie shared with me recently that the ornament purchases y'all made last year helped Huan Mei and her family to have an amazing … [Read more...]

what she did


Isabelle has long wanted to have "Rapunzel" hair. Long. Flowing. Down to the small of her back. But she simply lacked the patience to ever get there. When it was time for a haircut, she couldn't resist. The weight, the heat... all made her long for short hair again. In the last year, though, something changed. She decided, no matter what, that she would grow it. No cuts. Nary a trim. Finally, her hair was long. And then she decided cut it. To give away. "So I could help other people if their hair was going away. Like, if there's a girl who needs hair, … [Read more...]

what they do.


They love kids. Kids without a mom and a dad. Kids with special needs. And they love them well. Meeting not only their day-to-day needs as well as their often-times complex medical needs, but their emotional needs, too. And that's not a task for the faint of heart. Last year An Orphan's Wish loved and served 28 kids in the CP/Residential Unit. 21 kids in the Clubfoot Unit. And 21 kids in the Special Care Unit. That's a lot of love. click above to read what AOW accomplished in 2012... ah-mazing. I wanted to share these pictures with y'all, … [Read more...]

the shirt


Lots of y'all have asked where to get the Cupcake Kids t-shirt for your kiddos to wear when you have your cupcake sale. Eeee! I am so excited for those of you who have already signed up for your Cupcake Kids sale - please take pictures and send some to me, m'kay? I wanna seeee! Okay, enough of me. Here is the link where you'll find all the Cupcake Kids gear. So cute! And, don't forget, we are giving away FIVE of these adorable tees. To enter, go to the Cupcake Kids website and sign up to host a sale or Run for Cupcakes and then come back here and let me know. … [Read more...]



Dang, y'all. I am so excited. Because today, I get to introduce you guys - my orphan-loving, big-hearted friends - to something else that is close to my heart. The Cupcake Kids. If you've already heard about the Cupcake Kids, you know why I'm so smitten with what they do - and why they do it. If you've never heard of them... well, you must. And because I love them and I love y'all, I'm determined for y'all to meet. Fall in love. And make cupcakes together. To help make that happen, I've got a fun, and completely adorable, giveaway in store. 1. … [Read more...]

a package


an update from Carrie at Scarlet Threads -- We are willing to take more orders and we can ship them soon! But you won't get it until early January. So if you don't mind getting your ornaments AFTER Christmas, e-mail me for details. Set of 6 ornaments is $21 - $27 shipped. I got a package the other day. I love to get packages. And this one was not just fun for me. But I guess y'all can see that. The package was from Scarlet Threads and the contents were from their wired {he}arts collection. Each ornament is a Chinese character -- grace, hope, love, faith, … [Read more...]

what you can do.

Vivi with her foster mama

If you've spent any amount of time around here, you know me. And my heart. I mean, I'm quite transparent here and share what's on my heart regularly, like it or not. And well, it is National Adoption Month. So you kinda-sorta had to know this was coming... A big part of my heart belongs to orphans. There is no denying that God has rocked our once-ordinary-little-family right into full-blown-craziness through adoption... and we couldn't feel more blessed. And I believe that caring for the orphan is something we all can do, whether we adopt or not. As mom to 7 … [Read more...]

would y’all…


please pray for Ivy Joy. She and her mama need our prayers. … [Read more...]

wired {he}arts winner


Congratulations to Dusty from Bayous, Peaches, Chopsticks and Beaches, you won the set of six Chinese ornaments from Scarlet Threads. Contact me and I'll get you hooked up with your goodies! Thanks to everyone who played along, be sure to visit Scarlet Threads and shop around... maybe buy a set or two! What fabulous gifts these would make for friends, family or teachers this year! … [Read more...]