what 10 years looks like.

We spent this weekend reminiscing. A lot. It was 10 years ago that we were in China for the first time. Holding a feisty, determined, pint-sized survivor, with a half-dollar sized hole in her heart. I still remember how it felt as those last moments inched by before I would finally become her mama: standing in a smoke-filled room, my ears filled with sounds of a language I didn't understand, my sweaty palm clutching a frayed referral picture of a tiny baby. And waiting, waiting, waiting to be handed that very baby, who was to be my baby from that moment into … [Read more...]

one year with Tallula

A year. A whole, entire year. I looked back and reread few of my favorite posts from our China trip, because it's honestly hard for me to believe it's been that long since... Tallula day and Tallula day video. Getting to know a bit about Tallula. Taking pictures of Tallula in her Chinese silks on Shamian Island. And finally, on April 19th, arriving home with Tallula. I reread all I wrote describing her personality, likes and dislikes, and my general impressions about our newest little blessing. Turns out, I was right on. One thing about Tallula … [Read more...]


This girl. She is 4 going on 24. And she has the mouth to match. Loves. To. Talk. Occasionally, she makes a funny. And we all proceed to laugh hysterically. Then we all add whatever 'Vivi-ism' she made up to our daily conversations. Because Vivienne is sort of addictive that way. In a conversation with herself while playing with her dolls and she was, clearly, oh-so-frustrated with one of them... "You have got to be coming on!" When she was making a magnet tower and Victoria was reminding her to be careful not to knock over Tallula's tower in the … [Read more...]

hello, summer.

I didn't get it done. The weather simply has refused to cooperate with my plans to get a Sunday Snapshot of the birthday boy. But I'm not giving up. For now, since the weather still doesn't look like it's going to cooperate, I must move on. School is out. And as I've done in years past, I'm doing a quick recap of the school year. Because anything I want to remember, I'd better write down. last day of school - June 8, 2012 I don't have a first day photo of him. They staggered the kindergarteners first day of school, so Jude got to sleep in. I did do a … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: {six years – a look back and a giveaway}

I know. It's not quite Sunday. But this isn't your average Sunday Snapshot, either. Today, January 28th, marks six years since I began blogging. And a few things have happened since then. Sophie came home. We moved from the midwest to the southeast. Jude came home. The blog went from "Sophie Makes Six" to "Ni Hao Y'all". Shepherd came home. We moved back to the midwest. No Hands But Ours went from a dream to reality. My crazy friends and I started up our own t-shirt business - Wild Olive. Vivienne came home. I became the US … [Read more...]

remembering 2011

I have been wanting to do a 'year-in-review' of 2011 for a while. But it sounds sooo much easier than it is. Every time I would start thinking of every thing that transpired in 2011 - no matter where my thoughts would begin - they always took me to the same place. Esther. Man, that sadness just does not go away. But, I suppose, it shouldn't. And I'm not even sure I want it to go away, in a strange way. Sadness can break you... or sadness can grow you. And it is my hope that my sadness over losing sweet Esther will make me more into the person God wants me … [Read more...]

Say whaaaaattt??

Today marks three years since I began this blog. Three years and 555 posts, to be exact... can you believe it?! In the scope of things, three years isn't that long... but when I look back, I am amazed at all that has occurred since this little blog made it's largely completely unnoticed debut.We started out with a bang: we officially announced that Sophie was joining our family. Isabelle had been home about 7 months and was just recovering from open heart surgery. Chris was deployed to the desert. Total craziness, huh? Well, if you've followed us for a while, you know … [Read more...]