to China for Clementine – my favorites: Shamian Island

Yesterday marked nine months since we met Clementine. We didn't celebrate with a cake or a photo session. Our girl is still deep in the recovery stages of open heart and slide tracheoplasy surgery. I've shared a lot of the last few weeks on Instagram and I'm not sure yet if I'll sit down and blog about it because it was so very hard, y'all. I walked through an open heart surgery with Isabelle shortly after she came home, and thought I had an inkling of what it might be like. I was wrong. I just thank the Lord He went before, beside and behind us, in a mighty way. I … [Read more...]

to China for Clementine – my favorites: Martyrs Park

I started going through these and sharing my favorites when we'd been home with Clementine about six months. Now we've been home eight, but I'm not quitting. I think I can, I think I can... Getting ready to take our girl in for a major surgery is getting me a little weepy. And nostalgic. And just plain sappy. Love looking back at these pictures because it reminds me of how far she has come in the 8 months she has been home. It's just crazy. These were taken just a few days after we met Clementine for the first time. Our first outing as a family. We … [Read more...]

to China for Clementine – my favorites: Clementine day

Continuing to peck away at all my pictures from our trip to China for Clementine. It's getting harder and harder to pick favorites - so instead of being pickier, I'm plucking out more and more. But it's for a good reason. Once I have them all edited and organized, they'll be saved here. I'll also have them them made into a photo book. One for Sophie, as a way to remember her first trip back to her homeland. And one for Clementine, as a piece of her story. And so far, it's quite a story. These were taken on the day we'd been waiting for since we first saw … [Read more...]

to China for Clementine – my favorites: the Great Wall

(continuing on with posting my favorites from China - you can see the first post here.) It was six months ago, yesterday, that we were standing right here. In fact, it was on the Great Wall that we got a phone call with the news that Clementine would be well enough for us to meet her the next day. It was completely surreal. Turned out she would not be able to meet us the next day, due to her needing an extra day in the hospital to complete her course of treatment, but on this day, we didn't know. And I'm actually really glad we didn't. … [Read more...]

to China for Clementine – my favorites: Beijing

I know. We've been home with Clementine for almost 6 months. But when we traveled to China, I brought along my camera. And I brought along my iPad. But I didn't bring along my PS6. That was here at home. On a desktop that most definitely wasn't going to make the trip. And since we returned, I've been wanting to sit down and go through all my China pictures, pick my favorites, and get after them in Photoshop. Because I want to remember every beautiful, crazy, anxious, terrifying, bittersweet, life-changing minute of China. Of this trip. The trip that … [Read more...]

2014 in review: 24 of my favorites

It's become a bit of a thing around here, I suppose: going through my pictures at the end of the year and plucking out a few favorites. It's laborious. It's time consuming. But I love it because it's a chance to look back at the year, as a mama, and see how my babies have grown. Cherish important milestones. Remember sweet moments. I don't love it because it's a chance to look back at the year, as a photographer, and see how my photography has grown. Or not. *ahem* But whatever. I am still clicking away. And perfect or not, these images tell the story of … [Read more...]

the daily

In July, on a challenge from my friend Lisa, I dusted off my Instagram account. And it's been true love ever since. I was a bit wobbly starting out, not quite sure how to pick and choose what to post. But I've since decided to pursue pictures that very much represent *real-life* to me... the things that intrigue me, inspire me, and the things I want to remember. Maybe my kids being silly. Maybe a mushroom (yes, I have a thing for colorful mushrooms). Maybe my dogs. Whatever it is, though, the pressure is off and I can just be me. The pictures might not be … [Read more...]


It's been too long since I've taken my biggest girl out for a photo shoot. Like almost a year, y'all. Thankfully, she's not too old to bribe, and the offer of a free lunch was enough to get her to commit to being my muse for the afternoon. Of course I could have just asked and she *might* have agreed, without additional compensation (beyond my stellar company, of course). But lunch out with my biggest baby sounded pretty good to me, too. So we headed downtown. We sat at a sidewalk cafe and shared a basket of onion rings and a sandwich. Then we … [Read more...]


Been loving my summer photography class. As always, Lisa is pushing all of us way out of our comfy-cozy-safe-place. Where - if it were up to us - some of us would stay. *ahem* And, I have to say, it has been so. much. fun. One of our assignments was to photographically interpret Mystical, Magical, Fantastical. And this was my interpretation. With a whole lot of help from Sophie, Chris and Photoshop. … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: into the frame

Sooo, I mentioned having to get "into the frame" for my photography class. Not my favorite place to be. But once we were out there, with Poppy perched on my lap, it wasn't so bad. Okay. It was a lot of fun. Especially laughing at all the silly things Sophie and Vivienne were doing to try to make Poppy smile. I won't go into details to protect their privacy, but let's just say, they weren't holding back. And it worked. Just look at that beautiful Poppy smile. So happy. So joyful. Seriously. I just can't resist this girl. And thank goodness I … [Read more...]