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In July, on a challenge from my friend Lisa, I dusted off my Instagram account. And it's been true love ever since. I was a bit wobbly starting out, not quite sure how to pick and choose what to post. But I've since decided to pursue pictures that very much represent *real-life* to me... the things that intrigue me, inspire me, and the things I want to remember. Maybe my kids being silly. Maybe a mushroom (yes, I have a thing for colorful mushrooms). Maybe my dogs. Whatever it is, though, the pressure is off and I can just be me. The pictures might not be … [Read more...]



It's been too long since I've taken my biggest girl out for a photo shoot. Like almost a year, y'all. Thankfully, she's not too old to bribe, and the offer of a free lunch was enough to get her to commit to being my muse for the afternoon. Of course I could have just asked and she *might* have agreed, without additional compensation (beyond my stellar company, of course). But lunch out with my biggest baby sounded pretty good to me, too. So we headed downtown. We sat at a sidewalk cafe and shared a basket of onion rings and a sandwich. Then we … [Read more...]



Been loving my summer photography class. As always, Lisa is pushing all of us way out of our comfy-cozy-safe-place. Where - if it were up to us - some of us would stay. *ahem* And, I have to say, it has been so. much. fun. One of our assignments was to photographically interpret Mystical, Magical, Fantastical. And this was my interpretation. With a whole lot of help from Sophie, Chris and Photoshop. … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: into the frame


Sooo, I mentioned having to get "into the frame" for my photography class. Not my favorite place to be. But once we were out there, with Poppy perched on my lap, it wasn't so bad. Okay. It was a lot of fun. Especially laughing at all the silly things Sophie and Vivienne were doing to try to make Poppy smile. I won't go into details to protect their privacy, but let's just say, they weren't holding back. And it worked. Just look at that beautiful Poppy smile. So happy. So joyful. Seriously. I just can't resist this girl. And thank goodness I … [Read more...]

a pleasant surprise


I had a photography assignment to do. One I had kinda-sorta been putting off. Because the assignment was to get a picture of me. *yeah* So, since I don't own a tripod nor a remote, I figured I'd have one of my kiddos snap the picture... you know, once I'd determined the location, chosen the settings on my camera, taken a few practice shots, given them detailed instructions on composition and then switched places with them. Simple enough, right? I gathered up the kiddos who were willing to join me on my photo-adventure, and we were off. Out to the … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: double digits


Sophie is turning 10. Oh my. I've often pondered the fact that, in just eight short years, we'll have six teenagers in the house. At the same time. This birthday feels like one giant step in that direction. *sigh* Thankfully, our beautiful Sophie has managed to hang on to her easy-going ways. Even as she's gotten older. She's thoughtful. She's spirited. She's joyful. Welcome to double digits, my love. Ten certainly looks beautiful on you. If you're ready to play along, go ahead and link up below. Be sure to visit here for the … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: 14 from 2013


I did it last year. The year before. And even the year before that. It's sort of a thing, I suppose. And, since 2013 doesn't want to be left out, here are my favorites from the last year. Not necessarily technically my favorites, from a photography standpoint. Just from a mama's standpoint. 1. Princess Vivienne. 2. My incredibly silly pony. 3. My brave and beautiful Velvet, just days before she passed away. 4. Isabelle... being Isabelle. 5. Tallula, home one wonderful year. 6. My babies. Every one of 'em. 7. My biggest boy, the … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: what Poppy wants…


Besides the crown and the flower cake, Poppy asked for one more thing for her birthday. She wanted a picture of her on Jewel. With flowers. Resist? I think not. I mean, at the time at least, it sounded relatively simple. Except - as we got closer to the shoot - I was reminded that Poppy doesn't ride much. Jewel doesn't get ridden much. And I don't get out my camera much. But I was determined. I had promised. And I wanted to use the opportunity to take some pictures for my photography class. So we fashioned some of Poppy's favorite purple … [Read more...]

summer in pictures


Just pictures. … [Read more...]

randomness + an update


This must be random because I'm afraid that's all I've got right now. I am truly all over the place. And I'm speckling this post with the photos to prove it. I've had a really hard couple o' weeks. Losing my sweet girl was awful, no way around it. But the nightmare of her death was made even worse by the week before - when every. single. one. of my kids got sick. My laptop died and ugly death. And my washing machine decided to follow suit. P.S. What happens to a laundry room with this many people producing laundry and no washer is not pretty. Not pretty … [Read more...]