Poppy = 5

One week ago Poppy turned five. (Is it just me or does it seem like I was posting about her last birthday just a month or two ago?) And it was, whether or not I was happy about her turning a whole year older, a lot of fun. Additionally - trying to look on the bright side of this kids-getting-older thing - it is easier for me to remember my littlest's ages now. Jude is 8, Shep is 7, Vivienne is 6, Pop is 5 and Lula is 4. Until November, at least. Unlike last year, the birthday girl did not request another handmade crown. Or a photo shoot atop a … [Read more...]

because He loved us


Wow. Just wow. It's been four days since our fundraiser ended and I'm still basically speechless. Over 700 people gave. Over $36,000 was raised. And over 1500 Found shirts will be printed and worn - God's people carrying His Word on their back on behalf of one little girl, halfway around the world. Speechless. So I thought pictures might better convey the joy we are feeling around here. Because of all God did - and all y'all did - in helping us bring our sweet Clementine home. First a little background on the pictures. The girls and I have been … [Read more...]



We went to the Lifeline family reunion yesterday at Veteran's Park. And I brought my camera along. But, let's just say, I ended up doing a whole lot more talking than picture taking. And I came home without a single shot. But the day wasn't over yet. I was standing in the kitchen watching the girls furiously coloring the cup inserts they got from the festivities, and listening to them chat about their drawings, the colors they were choosing and discussing their appreciation for the fine-tipped markers we have at home versus the broad-tipped ones at … [Read more...]

it’s summer, continued.


A few days ago I posted about the "school kids" and their last day of school. Today I'm following up with the littlest three. And then I'll cover the "homeschool kids". Slow and steady. .......................... First is our littlest peanut, Tallula. Tallula is 39" and 33 pounds. That means she has grown 2 inches and gained one pound since I measured the kiddos last September. (Yes, I keep all my kids measurements here on the blog so I don't lose them. Don't judge.) Best friend: Tori Favorite color: pink Favorite TV show: Peppa Pig Favorite food: … [Read more...]

lunch, these days


I'm not much of a scheduler, organizer or list-maker. You could say I'm about as far from a Type A as possible. If there's anything past a Type B, I'm it. But some things happen in the same way, most every day, whether I intend to or not. Like eating. Evidently, these crazies want to eat just about the same time. Just about every day. And they like to sit - like this - just about every day, too. Which gives me a front row seat into their craziness. Some days the craziness even includes a guest. Like Froggy. Which is okay with my girls because … [Read more...]

opening day


Last Saturday the high was 86. Officially one degree higher than 85. The temperature it had to be. When we bought it - the long-awaited, blow-up, backyard pool paradise - it was just barely March. Way too cold to even consider breaking out anything that had to do with water and outdoors. So I set a minimum temperature of 85 for opening day, knowing that without my sage input they'd have opened it immediately. And probably all perished from pneumonia. They didn't seem to appreciate my fierce mother love. Instead they asked, regularly, what the … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: into the frame


Sooo, I mentioned having to get "into the frame" for my photography class. Not my favorite place to be. But once we were out there, with Poppy perched on my lap, it wasn't so bad. Okay. It was a lot of fun. Especially laughing at all the silly things Sophie and Vivienne were doing to try to make Poppy smile. I won't go into details to protect their privacy, but let's just say, they weren't holding back. And it worked. Just look at that beautiful Poppy smile. So happy. So joyful. Seriously. I just can't resist this girl. And thank goodness I … [Read more...]

a pleasant surprise


I had a photography assignment to do. One I had kinda-sorta been putting off. Because the assignment was to get a picture of me. *yeah* So, since I don't own a tripod nor a remote, I figured I'd have one of my kiddos snap the picture... you know, once I'd determined the location, chosen the settings on my camera, taken a few practice shots, given them detailed instructions on composition and then switched places with them. Simple enough, right? I gathered up the kiddos who were willing to join me on my photo-adventure, and we were off. Out to the … [Read more...]

what they do when it snows


... and it's 23 degrees outside. They run around the house asking "Can we go play in the snow, nowwwww?" until I finally relent. Approximately 15 minutes and 342,712 requests later. They proceed to dig through all their drawers and closets and don 75% of their winter wardrobe. At the same time. They move on to every coat closet in the house to rummage through the chaos to dig out the 4 1/2 pairs of mittens we own, collectively. Because we live in the deep south, y'all. They fight over the few scarves we have because, well... a girl just wants to look cute … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: sunlight


I few days ago, I found Poppy and Vivienne playing in the sunlight that - by early afternoon - is blazing through our front windows. In their princess dresses. And slippers. What caught my attention first wasn't so much what they were doing. Because, really, they're almost always in dress up clothes. What caught my attention was what they were saying. Or, more aptly, what they were singing. Y'all have to check out the video. After they discuss how the shadows of their hands look like guns - just keepin' it real, folks - they start singing … [Read more...]