a recap

Last night:9:00PM - sitting on the couch, refreshing email just in case China released the new shared list early. Yeah, riiight. But you never know.9:30PM - eyes beginning to burn, starting to yawn. Definitely feeling the effects of not sleeping the night before. 10:00PM - in bed, iPhone tucked under my pillow. Suddenly feeling wide awake. Praying with Chris about the possibility of being blessed with a new daughter, and seeing her face for the first time.10:15PM - the sound of the phone breaks the silence. Oh yes it did.WAAAHOOOOOOOOO! I'll share more as soon as I … [Read more...]

the word…

from the CCAA is here.The next shared list will be released on September 20th, 2010.Now we wait for our LID.I'll keep y'all posted. Like it or not, I will keep y'all posted. … [Read more...]