Sunday Snapshot: a picnic

We took some lunch across the creek the other day and had ourselves a little picnic. I don't have any pictures of that because, well... I was eating. I purposefully didn't bring my big camera for several reasons. 1. I wanted to enjoy my kids and not be completely focused on getting pictures. 2. I can't afford for anything - like some cole slaw, or the creek - to happen to my camera. 3. It's big and heavy. 4. It's big and heavy. And did I mention I can't afford to replace it? So it was just us. And my iPhone. We spent most of the afternoon out … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: into the frame

Sooo, I mentioned having to get "into the frame" for my photography class. Not my favorite place to be. But once we were out there, with Poppy perched on my lap, it wasn't so bad. Okay. It was a lot of fun. Especially laughing at all the silly things Sophie and Vivienne were doing to try to make Poppy smile. I won't go into details to protect their privacy, but let's just say, they weren't holding back. And it worked. Just look at that beautiful Poppy smile. So happy. So joyful. Seriously. I just can't resist this girl. And thank goodness I … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: start to finish

Ohmigoodness. We took the kids to the McWane Science Center. And we had so much fun. For over 5 hours, 2 adults and 9 kids ran around 4 floors, giggling and squealing with delight. Okay, only some of us were squealing. And every time the kids found something wonderful, I couldn't help but snap a picture. Hence the very, very lengthy Sunday Snapshot. And so, no more words... just pictures of our trip. Start to finish. The End. Because mama needs a nap. If you're ready to play along, … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: beauty

This last week has been an adventure in trying to look for the beauty around me for my photography class. And, most times, I only have my iPhone in hand when I've been struck by something beautiful. So it's been a real challenge. Not on the beauty part, because God is an exquisite Creator. But on the capturing part.morning light on icy grass sunlight on a steeple a silhouette in the afternoon light the sun setting snow illuminated by flashlight and moonlight through the trees The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: 8

Today Jude turned 8. Already. We headed out after church to buy supplies for the big celebration. Because what the birthday boy wants, the birthday boy gets. As long as this mama can buy it at Target. His choice for dinner was bratwurst and homemade french fries. Dessert was yellow cake with red icing and birthday blast ice cream. Served on Justice League plates. Decorations included red balloons... and mustaches. The birthday boy requested I take a picture of him in all three colors - red, green and blue. And so that's just what we … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: snow

Several of y'all have asked and no, I did not photograph my kids on their snow-day-extravaganza. Because mom + ice + snow + camera = certain wreckage. Also, like my children, I strongly dislike being cold. And wet. But I did manage to get a few of Miss Tallula the day before. I'm in a photography class and I had an assignment in mind. The beautiful blanket of snow was inspiring. Tallula was thrilled to be my muse. Especially because it meant she'd be on the initial expedition out into the snow. She also knew that candy and a tutu might be … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: sunlight

I few days ago, I found Poppy and Vivienne playing in the sunlight that - by early afternoon - is blazing through our front windows. In their princess dresses. And slippers. What caught my attention first wasn't so much what they were doing. Because, really, they're almost always in dress up clothes. What caught my attention was what they were saying. Or, more aptly, what they were singing. Y'all have to check out the video. After they discuss how the shadows of their hands look like guns - just keepin' it real, folks - they start singing … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: double digits

Sophie is turning 10. Oh my. I've often pondered the fact that, in just eight short years, we'll have six teenagers in the house. At the same time. This birthday feels like one giant step in that direction. *sigh* Thankfully, our beautiful Sophie has managed to hang on to her easy-going ways. Even as she's gotten older. She's thoughtful. She's spirited. She's joyful. Welcome to double digits, my love. Ten certainly looks beautiful on you. If you're ready to play along, go ahead and link up below. Be sure to visit here for the … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: 14 from 2013

I did it last year. The year before. And even the year before that. It's sort of a thing, I suppose. And, since 2013 doesn't want to be left out, here are my favorites from the last year. Not necessarily technically my favorites, from a photography standpoint. Just from a mama's standpoint. 1. Princess Vivienne. 2. My incredibly silly pony. 3. My brave and beautiful Velvet, just days before she passed away. 4. Isabelle... being Isabelle. 5. Tallula, home one wonderful year. 6. My babies. Every one of 'em. 7. My biggest boy, the … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: 19

Yep. He's turning 19. Already. Currently soldiering through his first year of college. Still trying to figure out his major. His whole future ahead of him. Gah. Makes a mother's insides sort of wobbly - having her baby out there in this big, crazy world. But that's what love does. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Happy Birthday, my biggest boy. I love you to the moon and back. If you're ready to play along, go ahead and link up below. Be sure to visit here for the full scoop. To link up this week with your Sunday Snapshot, … [Read more...]