my week by iPhone.

I finally figured out how to retrieve my iPhone pics without having to actually find a plug and hook my phone up to my computer, and then move my pictures over to my computer and then move them to where I want them to go. Okay, I sorta knew how to do it, but I hadn't actually done it. But I did yesterday, via my new best friend Dropbox, and now I'm all set. I love me some Dropbox because I can put a picture or a file in my Dropbox folder on my laptop, and then I can access it on any of our other computers, including my iPhone. And vise versa. Love. So I'm … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: {Third Day}

Had an absolute blast last night. Aimee, Mac Powell's wife, and I got a chance to meet up at the Created4Care conference in March. And she graciously - and amazingly generously - offered to hook our entire crew up with tickets to the Third Day show in Raleigh. For our family, getting a chance to go to this concert was a especially rare occurrence. As in, we rarely go anywhere with everyone that charges more for admission than the Chick-Fil-A play place. So, needless to say, our kids were pumped. The very best part? Aimee worked it … [Read more...]


I was so very excited to get this back. My most favorite piece of jewelry. Heck, one of my most favorite things... period. But I was also incredibly nervous. When I received the new charm for my necklace for my birthday last year, I knew it would include the name of our newest little bug, Miss Tallula. But I wasn't quite sure if it should include Esther's name as well. I considered having a different necklace made just for Esther. But I just couldn't decide. So, I waited. And waited. But an answer did not come. Finally, I was determined … [Read more...]

a Christmas tradition

I want to share with y'all a Christmas tradition we have around here. Well, I guess not so much a tradition in the literal sense. Because some years I'm just too darned lazy busy to make it. But every time I do make this confectionery delight, I am so. stinkin'. glad. I did. Meet Ellie's Caramels. So named for the kindly older lady that introduced me to these hip-packin'-melt-in-your-mouth bites of heaven. Actually, first meet the innards of Ellie's Caramels. With a cast of characters this small and unassuming, I find this recipe delightfully … [Read more...]

a few of my favorite things

I like a lot of things. But there are very few that I love. And, especially at this gift-buying time of year, I can't get enough of hearing what other folks love, too. In fact, I could be possibly referred to as a review freak... I am much more interested in others' reviews of an item than what the actual manufacturer has to say about it. So, what are your favorite things? Here are a few of mine. Actually, these are the only things that came to mind, which is either really sad or really wonderful. Seems that I am a woman of few loves. Either that, or … [Read more...]

just fyi

I thought I'd share what you could win in the Share the Love giveaway. This beauty happens to be mine. All mine. I've had it for almost 3 years - received it as a gift for my 40th birthday - and I've worn it most days since. Over the years, I've had quite a few folks stop me and ask me where I got my necklace. It's by Suzanne Myers. And I absolutely love it, I say. Just thought y'all might want to know what you could win in the Share the Love giveaway, which ends on Sunday, May 1st. And even if you've already entered, you can enter … [Read more...]

because it’s purty

Did y'all see?The new Wild Olive site?Oh my, it's so purty.Thank you, Jessica.Thank you, Lauren.And to celebrate it, and all it's splendor, we're having a little big ol' giveaway.On Wednesday, November 10th, we'll announce FOUR winners.TWO folks will each win two Wild Olive tees of their choice, AND two tickets to the upcoming Women of Faith conference in Hartford, CT. I will be there, along with my Wild Olive partner in crime, Amie... and if you're close by, and crazy enough to want to meet us, we would LOVE to see you there. In fact, if you win, you'll be sitting … [Read more...]


I told her I'd do this because I owe her one for sharing weekly on No Hands But Ours. Actually, I owe her a whole lot more than one, because she's been rockin' out some great Whatever Wednesday posts over at NHBO for a loooong time. She never asks for anything in return and now that she has, how could I ever say no?I'd have done it anyway, Tonggu Momma. 'Cuz I love you.So, without further ado, onto the aforementioned meme. I honestly didn't think anyone did these anymore, but clearly I was wrong. So, what's new?1. What is your biggest pet peeve?Ummm, people that say … [Read more...]

something wonderful

A giveaway is the best way to celebrate something wonderful, don't you think?Well, y'all remember me talking about Ann at Hip Mom Jewelry?And her exciting news of creating some adoption fundraiser jewelry?Well... it's here.And it's beautiful.She's created some pieces specific to China.Some specific to Africa.Some that represent adoption in general.And some that aren't necessarily adoption related.But they are all just gorgeous.Ann is giving 30% from the sale of each necklace featured on this page to the participating adopting family.Are you in the process of adopting … [Read more...]

a shout out my friend Jessica.She has got some crazy skillz. And she created an outrageous bunch of presets for Lightroom. For jpg picture-takers, like myself. And this Triple Set? It rocks.Why, exactly, am I talking about jpg pictures and post-processing today?Because my sister left. And took her precious kiddos with her.I am in denial.Soooo, to cope with it all, I've been up to my elbows messing around with the One Willow Triple Set all afternoon. Seriously, I could stay in Lightroom forever, playing with all the stunning presets, tones and post (this set has 60 presets, … [Read more...]