2014 in review: 24 of my favorites


It's become a bit of a thing around here, I suppose: going through my pictures at the end of the year and plucking out a few favorites. It's laborious. It's time consuming. But I love it because it's a chance to look back at the year, as a mama, and see how my babies have grown. Cherish important milestones. Remember sweet moments. I don't love it because it's a chance to look back at the year, as a photographer, and see how my photography has grown. Or not. *ahem* But whatever. I am still clicking away. And perfect or not, these images tell the story of … [Read more...]



It's been too long since I've taken my biggest girl out for a photo shoot. Like almost a year, y'all. Thankfully, she's not too old to bribe, and the offer of a free lunch was enough to get her to commit to being my muse for the afternoon. Of course I could have just asked and she *might* have agreed, without additional compensation (beyond my stellar company, of course). But lunch out with my biggest baby sounded pretty good to me, too. So we headed downtown. We sat at a sidewalk cafe and shared a basket of onion rings and a sandwich. Then we … [Read more...]

a quarter of a century.


Yes, her big day was over a month ago. But when you're already a quarter of a century, a few weeks shouldn't matter... amiright? We celebrated in our usual fashion. The birthday girl had her choice of dinner... and dessert. This is the dessert that happens when it's the baker's birthday and mama has to do the baking. Then she was inundated with a plethora of homemade cards. With cash and checks and coupons for free nail-painting and bed-making. Did I mention a plethora? The birthday girl also had her choice of company. (Company that was … [Read more...]

the dreaded family photo


Another thing on my list of things-to-do-before-Zach-leaves was family pictures. As in pictures of our entire family. Can I just add something here? UGH. I already struggle with trying to photograph just a few of my kids together. Getting everyone in the same frame, still relatively clean, all looking in the same general direction and not making a face is, honestly, ulcer-inducing. Add to that the fact that for the entire family to be in the same frame, I had to figure out the self-timer (thank you, Victoria), set up the tripod (thank you, Asher), and … [Read more...]

out and about


It's summer. And all my babies are home. My most favorite time of year. And there is so much I want to squeeze into the time we are all together - all fun stuff, of course. But the truth is, we just don't get out a whole lot. For several reasons. 1) I am a homebody 2) "We" is a whole lot of people 3) For this mama to get this crew rolling, it has be good. And it has to be affordable So when we found out that this much-talked-about, National Historic Landmark, 20th century blast furnace was open to the public, (and free!) we were all … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: 14 from 2013


I did it last year. The year before. And even the year before that. It's sort of a thing, I suppose. And, since 2013 doesn't want to be left out, here are my favorites from the last year. Not necessarily technically my favorites, from a photography standpoint. Just from a mama's standpoint. 1. Princess Vivienne. 2. My incredibly silly pony. 3. My brave and beautiful Velvet, just days before she passed away. 4. Isabelle... being Isabelle. 5. Tallula, home one wonderful year. 6. My babies. Every one of 'em. 7. My biggest boy, the … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: ice, baby.


I've got a lazy bone. And even though I'd promised my kids I'd take them ice skating, the lazy mama in me was so not looking forward to it. Because I knew. I knew taking 6 kids - 4 of whom have never donned ice skates before - was going to be painful. Thankfully, my tickets had an expiration date. Because, even more than I am lazy, I am frugal. So we ventured out, our first official homeschool field trip this year. The girls were ecstatic. Despite the fact that they could barely let go of the side, and their feet got sore, and they were cold, … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: one picture


... is all I'm posting for today's Sunday Snapshot. Sometimes one is enough. Having the best time in my friend Lisa's photography class... it's breaking me out of my photography slump in a genuinely fun way. … [Read more...]

just a picture


... of my first and and my last. ... of a child that came to us through biology and a child that came to us through adoption. ... of two cherished daughters. Just a picture... that pretty much sums up how what adoption looks like in our family. … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: Victoria


My biggest girl. She's at home for a season. And I am ecstatic. It's not often a mom gets to spend this kind of extra time with one of her babies once they have flown the nest. Because fly the nest she did. She graduated with a Biology degree. Then started back to school to pursue a nursing degree. But she tucked in one extra course, just for fun. Maybe not-so-surprisingly, it turned out to be her true passion. And so she made the brave decision to start over and is now going full-steam to pursue a career in graphic design. I'm not sure if … [Read more...]