summer in pictures

Just pictures. … [Read more...]

randomness + an update

This must be random because I'm afraid that's all I've got right now. I am truly all over the place. And I'm speckling this post with the photos to prove it. I've had a really hard couple o' weeks. Losing my sweet girl was awful, no way around it. But the nightmare of her death was made even worse by the week before - when every. single. one. of my kids got sick. My laptop died and ugly death. And my washing machine decided to follow suit. P.S. What happens to a laundry room with this many people producing laundry and no washer is not pretty. Not pretty … [Read more...]

life by iPhone :: January

Okay. I'm behind. Way behind. But I'm determined to keep up with my iPhone pics, despite the fact that my last post was over a month ago. And so, my first iPhone post of 2013. Hoping to post weekly again. Or maybe monthly. Or, most likely, whenever I remember. … [Read more...]

my week by iphone. week 4 or so.

I am enjoying using my camera on my iPhone so much more now that I'm not only looking at the pictures I take, but I'm actually doing something with them. I use my Snapseed app to edit them - so fun, for real - and then upload 'em onto Dropbox. And voila... I have them at my fingertips to do with whatever I please. And so, since my pecan pie awaits, here we are.The end. … [Read more...]


I'm making an effort - a valiant effort if I do say so myself - to keep up with my various and sundry iPhone photos. Typically, they don't get treated as 'regular' photos, even though they are the stuff of real life. So, here I am in my third week of trying to keep up and save these random captures for posterity's sake. You're welcome, kids. homemade chicken noodle soup :: Victoria gets sick (hey, thanks for sharing) :: comfort food to the rescue Tallula's no-likey face :: I never tire of the sunsets around here :: really, hon? we need 108 candy bars? some … [Read more...]

my week by iPhone. week 2.

I shared with y'all last week... or maybe the week before, I can't remember (which is exactly why I need to keep posting these pictures because it'll be all I have in a few years when my memory completely fails me) my first installment of my life by iPhone. It was fun. Okay, I had fun. Maybe you didn't, but I hope you did. Lots of y'all seemed to like my new bff, Dropbox. And I got oodles of free storage space thanks to y'all deciding you wanted to hang out with Dropbox, too. Par-tay! Anyway, here is this week's installment of my week. Or my two … [Read more...]

my week by iPhone.

I finally figured out how to retrieve my iPhone pics without having to actually find a plug and hook my phone up to my computer, and then move my pictures over to my computer and then move them to where I want them to go. Okay, I sorta knew how to do it, but I hadn't actually done it. But I did yesterday, via my new best friend Dropbox, and now I'm all set. I love me some Dropbox because I can put a picture or a file in my Dropbox folder on my laptop, and then I can access it on any of our other computers, including my iPhone. And vise versa. Love. So I'm … [Read more...]