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Vivi in bloom

After the group shot session, Asher and I returned to the red couch for a few more shots. The lighting is so lovely in the White Swan with the ceiling high windows and I couldn't resist trying to get just a few more shots of Miss Vivi while she was in her traditional Chinese outfit. After all, the red couch photo is the epitome of the whole China adoption trip. And I wanted to give my girl another shot at looking her loveliest. I know she'll thank me someday. Yeah, right. Unfortunately, Vivi really wasn't interested in having her … [Read more...]

the last day

Today was our last day in China. *insert big sigh* I can't wait to get home. It has been a great trip in many ways, though. I just really, really miss my kiddos. And my husband. And my big, soft bed. And my fast, bookmarked Mac. And lots of other things I don't really think about until I'm without them. And I can't wait to see Miss Vivi added to the mix at our house. This girl is a crack up. I don't think she's even going to flinch at the size of our crew. Okay, back to today. Our last day in China. We took group pictures on the red couch. And we had a neat group … [Read more...]

Vivi day 10

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Vivi day 9

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Sometimes it feels like Groundhog Day here the island. You get up, and eat the same breakfast. Visit the same shops. Come back to the same room. Go to bed and do it all over again the next day. Boring, sometimes yes. But comforting as well. It's really been a wonderful time here with Vivi. Honestly, every day we see more and more of the little bug she is and is going to be. And Asher and I are both totally and completely smitten. Chris isn't going to know what hit him. Today we went back to the mall for shoes (Isabelle's choice), Thomas the Train (Jude's … [Read more...]

a bit about Vivi

For today, instead of rehashing another day on Shamian Island, I thought I'd share a bit more about her. Vivi is doing wonderfully. We are surprised daily by the changes in her. She is outrageously loveable. Without even trying to be. She's got her own thang going on, and you can either watch from the sidelines, or you can join her. She loves to play: with me, with Asher, with pretty much anyone, but she can play all alone just as well. She loves to imitate adult behavior. Obviously, most of what she does she learned from her foster parents... … [Read more...]

"hua hua"

It was a beautiful day. Sunny with a high of about 70. Perfect in my book. The day started out a bit wobbly as Vivi had a rough night's sleep. Because of her vaccinations yesterday, I think she was a bit uncomfortable overnight, but thankfully she managed to shake it off as the day progressed. We spent most of the day at a local 'safari' park, which was a new adventure for everyone in our group. Half the visit involved seeing animals in a more natural setting as we rode along a winding road on a train. Then we completed the other half of the visit on … [Read more...]

Vivi day 7

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out and about

Why is it that when I'm home, I must get a solid 9 hours of sleep to be of any value during the day... but send me to China, and come 4:00 AM, and I can barely keep my eyes closed. I actually got out of bed this morning closer to 5:00, as anything earlier is really just the night before. There was a lot to do since we just arrived last night, mostly putting things away and, my personal favorite, laundry. Really, I just hand wash the easy stuff myself and leave the jeans and bulky items to the laundry service here on the island. And truth be told, I simply can … [Read more...]