Jet lag…

is a funny thing. And we're in the thick of it now. But I wanted to get these few pictures up while I'm alert awake conscious. Because these first few days home are so very precious. And easily forgotten in a jet-lagged haze. Tallula is another story, though. She's a snooze-time rockstar. She slept from 9:30 last night until 8:00 this morning. I've only been sleeping 4 to 5 hours at night. And suffering from the effects of too little sleep. Sore legs. Red eyes. Lack of coherent thought. But this too shall pass. Seeing my … [Read more...]

home with Tallula

Home. Ahhhhhh. We got in late last night after a 2 hour train ride, a 1 hour taxi ride, a night in Hong Kong, a 15 hour flight, a 2 hour flight and a 1 1/2 hour drive home. And some layovers on the side. We started out insanely early, but one can never be too early for a flight bound for home. Dalton was still green and completely exhausted from his bout with food poisoning. But blessedly no longer involuntarily expelling every hour. And able to hold down sips of water. Thank you, Lord, for prayer warriors, Zofran and friends on Facebook. … [Read more...]

headed for home…

We leave in just a few hours. All packed up and ready to go. Next stop Hong Kong, and then on Wednesday night, at 6:30 PM, we'll be home. Just had to get one last picture of Dalton, enjoying one of his favorite things about Shamian Island. And here was his big brother 2 1/2 years ago, doing the same thing. In the same place. At the same age. Gonna squeeze the dickens out of all my babies when I get home. Would y'all keep us in your prayers, please? We have a very long travel day ahead of us - if one can call a 40+ hours a 'day' - and we … [Read more...]

Tallula: a girl and her silks

Today is our last full day in Guangzhou. Which calls for some pictures of my baby girl in her silks. Who needs the red couch when you've got Shamian Island as a backdrop? And I also figured it was a good time to share a bit more about Tallula. Because I know that although most of who she is will stay the same, much will change in the coming days and weeks. She talks. Boy, does she talk. Her referral paperwork stated that she was able to speak in three word sentences before she was 12 months old. And although I had my doubts, I doubt no more. … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshot: {Shamian Island}

For my last Sunday Snapshot here in China, I figured I should take advantage of the scenery here on Shamian Island. And get some pictures of my kiddos. Some more pictures of my kiddos. *ahem* This afternoon Miss Tallula made it clear that she is getting more and more comfortable with us. Which is truly a beautiful thing to see. It's just not so great for pictures. Seriously. This girl is pretty much a wildcat. And when the camera comes out, all bets are off. So, instead of going out for some leisurely pictures as … [Read more...]

Tallula: day 6

Today we were up and at 'em early. It was the day for Tallula's TB test to be read. Thankfully, all was well. By 11:30 we were back to the hotel and Lil' Miss Thang really needed to catch up on some zzzz's. So it was an early Cup O' Noodles for her. And then nap time. And boy, did she ever nap. Time enough for me to do a theraputic load of laundry... for to watch a few episodes of The Dog Whisperer... and some bad - really bad - movies. Finally the princess awoke from her slumber. And with a 3+ hour nap under her belt, she … [Read more...]

Tallula: day 5

Today was a free day. So Dalton and I ventured out to the mall, which turned out to be quite the adventure. But that's not the best part. And for today, I'd rather just skip to the best part. The best part was later in the day, after we'd returned to the island. The afternoon rain shower had passed through and we had some time to venture out on foot... stretch our legs and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. Wanted to join in on Favorite Photo Friday with these, my most favorite photos. For today. For more favorites visit my … [Read more...]

Tallula: the rest of day 4

I so want to be able to sit down and write all there is to share about this little whirlwind. But, for now, I can barely manage the pictures and a few words. She continues to amaze me with her all-day smiles and easy-going attitude. Even when I have to tell her no - to electrical outlets, jumping off the bed and trying to pull over hot noodles - she recovers quickly. A quick lay down on the floor to show her displeasure - and she may take off a shoe or two - but then she's smiling again, ready to play. And play. And play. And … [Read more...]

Tallula. by Dalton

Today was the medical exam. So Dalton was the picture guy. And for today, he's also the words guy, too. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tallula by Dalton Tallula is at it again. Her silliness. Her sweetness. And, of course, her cuteness. She is very easy going. Also very agreeable. Now this place... Very busy. Driving is VERY crazy. But Tallula loves it. So I do, too. … [Read more...]

Tallula: day 3

We've arrived in Guangzhou. But not without incident. We are safe and sound... but my iPhone had a most unfortunate incident with a leaky cup of apple juice. Then, upon arrival at our hotel in Guangzhou, we were told that we did have a reservation... but it was for a different Victory hotel. In a different city. Thankfully it's all being worked out as we speak. And they were able to find a room for us here. But, let's just say, I'm wishing my husband were here with me about now. Yes. I am a wiener. I'm blaming it … [Read more...]