photography 101 :: post-processing

This is a post in my continuing series called Photography 101. I started this series at the beginning of May in an effort to reinforce all I'm trying to learn to better my photography. And I'm determined to bring y'all along with me. Other Photography 101 subjects I've tackled: lines color light flare and RAW vs. JPG Ever find a flash card in your pocket? After your pants have gone through the wash? Just me? Well, I did find a flashcard in my pants. But I'm happy to say that my flash card seems unaffected. And so do the pictures, taken the day … [Read more...]

photography 101 :: RAW vs. JPG

We went to our small town fireworks display and had a great time. All except Poppy. She was frightened by the sounds and preferred to sit in my lap, facing me, playing my iPhone. But I did manage to snap a few pictures of our night. I took these in RAW (recently switched over from JPG at my friend Jess' recommendation to help with some exposure problems I was having) and I had so much fun playing with these. Shooting in RAW gives you a lot more flexibility in post-processing, but RAW images have to be edited. When you first download RAW files, they seem, … [Read more...]

photography 101 :: flare

As I mentioned before, I took a few pictures as an experiment in sun flare. I took all of these on my d90 with my 50mm 1.4. They were taken in sequence and all that changed was my aperture, and shutter speed to compensate. I probably could have adjusted my ISO, but I wanted to keep as much the same as possible. The settings for these first two pictures were ISO 1250, f/8.0, 1/100 sec. Then I widened my aperture - smaller number equals wider aperture - ISO 1250, f/3.5, 1/1000 sec. And then I widened it even more - ISO 1250, f/2.0, … [Read more...]

photography 101 :: light

I am really having fun with my new book. I do wish I were moving a bit faster, but considering all I have to learn and all the other balls I have to keep in the air, I'm happy to be making any progress. As I've mentioned on my previous Photography 101 posts, I'm reading a fantastic photography book. And the author encourages his readers to get out and complete what he calls 'creative exercises'. And this week's creative exercise is on light. A small word. A huge concept. The author compares light to paint - what we choose to do with it creates textures, … [Read more...]

photography 101 :: color

This week, in my new book, I'm learning about color. And how seductive it can be. Ever thought of color as seductive in a photograph? I hadn't. But it most definitely can be. And I have realized that I am enamored with color. Lots and lots of color. Hello. My name is Stefanie. And I am a color freak. Back to my book. The author begs the question, "Have you tried your image in black and white?" He goes on to explain that every element in an image is significant - it has meaning whether the photographer intended it or not - and this includes the … [Read more...]

photography 101 :: lines

I'm learning about lines. Sounds pretty elementary, but it's not. At least not for me. In the book I'm reading, I'm learning to reconsider all that I think of when I see a picture. And instead of thinking of it as a person, or a tree, the author challenges us to think of it only as the two-dimensional lines and tones that represent that person or that tree. Or that adorable pony. So my first creative exercise was to go out and look for lines. And photograph them with the following thoughts in mind: Where are the lines? Where do they … [Read more...]