husbands and wives

disclaimer: I am a Christ-following, stay-at-home mama. So, it would naturally follow that this post is written from the perspective of a Christ-following, stay-at-home mama. My goal here is to encourage, and to help others who are struggling. This is simply my opinion, from lessons I've learned on this journey called life. I am not a professional, nor do I play one on TV. If you don't want to hear my thoughts on adoption, marriage and sex, stop reading now. Otherwise, let's do this thing. A question I hear frequently is, "How can I get my husband to agree to … [Read more...]

a whopper

This is my crazy husband.Not.Although he looks silly in this picture, my husband is typically quite serious.Calculated.Disciplined.Since we began the adoption process for Isabelle in 2004, we've had numerous discussions about adoption...Should we?Again?And, as you might have guessed, most of the time I am the one doing the asking.Most of the time my husband is the one doing the answering.NO.A while ago I mentioned wanting to share my thoughts on reluctant husbands.You know... husbands who - even though their wives desperately want to - do not want to adopt.And, … [Read more...]

an answer for anonymous

I'm turning over the blog today into the trustworthy hands of my husband. He has agreed to tackle this recent anonymous comment left on yesterday's post. It's a comment I appreciate for it's candor and sincerity, but one I wasn't 100% sure how to answer: "... something has been nagging at me lately. I respect that you feel strongly that God shows you the way and that He provides, but I'm interested in what you have to say about this: There's a family somewhere in the world that is good and righteous. They believe Jesus is their savior and they pray as often … [Read more...]

one question answered… a big one

megadog said... How do you answer the question of "How much does adoption cost?" I am always mildly uncomfortable with that question and yet want to answer it honestly to help anyone who might be thinking of adoption. It's a hard one for me. Do you have a good answer? Kateri said... The problem... they are all coming to me with the same problem... is the cost involved in adopting a child internationally or, in some cases, domestically. How do you encourage people who come to yo with the same concerns? Do you offer suggestions on fundraising, and if so, … [Read more...]

nosy, continued

I'm just gonna stick with this comment from my buddy today. Cuz it pretty much covers half the questions that were asked. Just read on... you'll see.a Tonggu Momma said...favorite guilty pleasure food?Chicken Scallopini from Macaroni Grill followed by their Turtle Cheesecake. Oh my.SAT score (heh - you did it to me)?1300. I think it was like 620 - math and 680 - verbal but I'm not sure. It did manage to get me into a three year degree program at college :) if you had not married your husband, who would your celebrity spouse have been? and why?Dude. Is this right to … [Read more...]

dear nosy

I was prepared, I thought. I expected nosy. After all, I am one of the nosiest people I know. And I did write in my post that I'm an open book.Well, y'all did not disappoint. Thanks for just laying it all out there peeps. And asking away. And although I'm not usually one to jump right in and tackle the toughest part of a challenge, in this case, I'm changing my game plan.For today, I'll try to tackle the anonymously posted questions. Whenever I see 'anonymous' at the top of a comment, not gonna lie, my stomach does a flip flop. But y'alls questions weren't so … [Read more...]

if you ever wanted to ask

I had hoped to have something to write today, but again, the words just don't seem to be coming.I guess I'll have to wait until I have something to say.Until then, if you happen to have a question for me, it would be a great time to ask. And I'll do my best to answer. Within reason of course.We had a Q and A session a few years ago and it was really fun for me. There were some great questions asked. Y'all are some funny peeps.But the answers were pretty boring though. I think we talked a lot about closets. And crockpots.So consider yourself forewarned.I really am a … [Read more...]

Questions…. more answers

Shelby said… What first led you to adoption? *My husband, surprisingly :) In July 2004, he came to me, hands shaking, and told me that we had a daughter in China. I thought he was crazy! I think HE thought he was crazy, too!! But God had spoken to him and there was no denying it! We had never discussed adoption and I don’t think either of us had ever considered it. Ever. Did you ever think after adopting once that you would be back for more? *With each adoption we’ve always thought that this adoption would complete our family. Obviously, God has changed our … [Read more...]

Your questions answered, round 2

Mike and Ramona said… I also am curious as to when in the world you get to take a shower. * I shower whenever I need to! I’m pretty easy going and my kids know the deal… no trouble when mama’s in the shower! I have Miss TattleTale (ahem.. I mean Miss Sophie) on duty when I shower most of the time, otherwise I just lock the door to my bedroom with a Dora DVD on for the kids, put them up on my bed and pray for the best ;) And 2nd one, how on earth do you keep everyone’s socks straight? I can’t do that and there are only 4 of us!! *Obviously the boys and girls … [Read more...]

So much more than you ever wanted to know about me

Holy cow. You guys have come up with so many questions... even if I had the time to answer all of them, I am sure y'all would be bored to tears. So I'm going to try to keep it short and sweet, if possible. I've added some pictures so you can see our closets, pantry and how I've organized some areas of our house that work for us. Then entryway houses baskets for shoes and books, hooks for backpacks. The closets aren't crazy organized, for sure, but organized enough for me to know where everything is. The girls' closet is borderline overflowing, but they have such … [Read more...]