Graduation Day

On Saturday, Tori graduated from high school! It was such a special day. We attended the graduation and hooped and hollered for her when she crossed the stage. Afterward we had a celebration for her with some yummy food catered by one of our favorite local restaurants and a delicious, very chocolatey cake, just like the one I had on my birthday :) Everyone that attended is someone very special in Tori’s life, I know she was happy to have (almost) all her family there. We are so proud of her, not just that she finished high school but that she did it will honor and distinction. She wore a blue stole for National Honor Society, a gold one for graduating with honors. Her red, white and blue cord is for French Honor Society and her green cord is for AP honors with distinction. Yeah, yeah. Maybe I’m bragging on my girl. But she deserves it!!



  1. mandimeibearden says:

    CONGRATULATIONS TORI!!!! Stefanie you have every right in the world to brag on her. Best wishes to her in everything she does.

  2. Yes, Minister... says:

    OH brag away ~ Congratulations Tori! GO TECH!

  3. Adam and Cynthia Farley says:

    How awesome! You should be one proud mama! Tell Tori Congrats!

    Yeah!!!!! And she is gorgeous too!


  4. Mike, Hayley & Piper says:

    Okay, will someone explain to me how you have a daughter graduated from high school and SIX, soon to be SEVEN kids and you still look 25!??

    There is something fishy going on, and I want to know what it is, and where on earth I can buy it?


  5. Patricia/NYC says:

    Brag away!! What awesome accomplishments!! What a wonderful way to step into a brightly paved future! Congrats, Tori!

    (GREAT photos too!)


  6. Wow!Way to go Tori! She is beautiful and you have every right to be a proud Mama!
    What a milestone! As always, God is good and faithful!
    Happy for you in NC,
    Holly McDaneld

  7. Mom of 5 says:

    You can brag-that is a great accomplishment !!

  8. aggieleist says:

    Congratulations to Tori! We’re so proud of her! Wish we could have been there for the special day.
    Great Pictures.
    Love to All,

  9. Way to go Tori! As a mom, you have all the rights to brag! Not that I would! :)

  10. Please tell Tori congrats from me, what an amazing day! Here’s to all the doors of her future opening!

  11. Danielle says:

    I want to offer my congratulations to Tori! What an amazing accomplishment. She should be really proud of herself for being such an AMAZING student!!!!

    I know you said Tori might be able to explain how to edit the background photo on my blog…I just got a mac so would probably do it the same way you would, and if it wouldn’t take too long I’d really appreciate it. I love that the center of your blog is white with a border, and then a background image and would love to do that to my blog too :)

    CONGRATS again!


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