Teng Weng and more

Thanks so much for all the great ideas for things to do in Nanchang. I had to giggle at TM’s comment, comparing Nanchang to Detroit and no offense to either city, but I think she hit the nail on the head. Add that to the fact that we are the only family in our group and it makes for some fairly slim pickins. We did enjoy a good night’s sleep last night and are looking forward to a visit to the People’s Park this afternoon. We are trying to avoid the morning touring as the wind and the cold seem to peak in the early morning and evening. So today we’ll be venturing out at 3. I am looking forward to getting some pictures with the backdrop of a park in China, to me there is nothing more lovely than greenery surrounded by the ancient architecture of China. Just hoping for a hint of sun today!

With my beloved friend Rebecca preparing to leave for China soon, I have been reminded that several times I have been asked about my best advice for families about to travel to China for their kiddos. So, to spice things up a bit, I’m going to post a tip (or how ever many I can come up with) a day, for your reading pleasure. And if you have a good travel tip to share, feel free to add it in the comment section.

Tip #1: Don’t overpack. And don’t overstress about crossing everything off your packing list. Batteries, baby supplies, diapers, formula, toothbrushes, shampoo, baby food, baby snacks… everything you could possibly want and/or need is available at the local Wally World or CarreFour type store. And if you think your W@l Mart is big, wait until you see the Chinese version. It’s like a Super T@rget on steroids.

Plus, when you shop with your new little one, especially if he/she is a toddler, there is no way the kid won’t fall in love with you… as you stroll the aisles and select snacks and candy and toys and clothes at a nod of their head… it’s fun stuff. Cole spent the afternoon yesterday with his arms full at W@l Mart. One item being replaced by the next favorite. It was so cute. A side benefit I love is carrying home all the Chinese versions of typical products… Chinese Johnson’s Baby Lotion. Watermelon flavored Colgate. Toothbrushes with funky little Chinese characters on them. Coffee flavored gum. Funky Chinese house slippers. Dora DVDs in Chinese and English. Seafood flavored Pringles… okay, not so much on that one.

Of course, we all know that once we return home with our kiddos, life can’t continue like this. At least it sure doesn’t in my house. I can’t count the times I say “no” on a typical trip to the grocery. But in China, it’s a fantastic way to communicate that you will fill the child’s needs and we all know, snacks and toys are the fastest way to a child’s heart.



  1. Isabella's Mommy and Daddy says:

    Thanks for all the tips.. I will need them again when I go..
    LOVE the pictures..
    Looks like you are having a Great Time.. and sounds like things are going well..
    Have fun today..
    ~ Kim

  2. Adam and Cynthia says:

    Wow, seeing your pictures is like a walk down memory lane! We visited the exact same sites! I am sure you are with “my Mary” – so please tell her Hello from the Farley’s – may have to remind her who we are! It was Romy’s trip.

    Such a sweetie!

  3. When we were at Teng Weng it was 95 degrees. A little different than your experience today… The similarity is two precious gifts from God in our arms at that magical place! You pics are wonderful! Keep them coming!!!!

    I look forward to more of your tips. I would love to use them again someday!!!


  4. Amie@HeartSmiles says:

    Hey girl…

    responded to your e-mail. Sorry a little late. ugh. Your in China, what’s my excuse?

    So are you saying Rebecca SHOULD go carry on only? eh? I can’t believe we are counting down the days to OWEN. Hurry home so we can “hang” and watch that little man come home to his big beautiful family.

    Umm.. one thing. You mind ugly-ing it up a bit for me. And your sis too? Whatupwit looking so cute? Then the rest of us can’t use jet-lag- as an excuse for why we look so bad. Be a friend, wouldja? I’m just sayin’!

    LOve to you both. Thanks for the tip. noted for the next trip. 😉

    p.s. day 1 tomorrow. check in with your home girl, wouldja? I need to at least fit in the shirts, right?

  5. What beautiful pictures! Congratulations to your sister on her gorgeous son!

  6. a Tonggu Momma says:

    Your nephew is just adorable, Stefanie! And I’m always glad to provide a chuckle. Enjoy Detroit… er… I mean Nanchang.

  7. Patricia/NYC says:

    GREAT photos!! So glad to hear things are going well!!

    Here's a couple of tips if you need some more:
    1. Bring a bullet type thermos – really great for taking premixed formula (provided the child is still drinking from bottles) on road trips while in China.

    2. DO NOT let the tap water get into your mouth, nose or eyes! We didn't & never got sick…everyone else in our group slipped up somehow & got real sick!

    3. A momma can never have enough anti-bacterial wipes on hand! :)

    Hugs from the big city! 😉

  8. PletcherFamily says:

    The tips are a great idea! We did overpack – my husband found the walmart had just about everything you needed! I can’t get over how much your little boy looks like our Cainan!

  9. love your photos!!!!

    haha! my word verification to post this is “pootype” which is appropriate since i type like crap….er, poo! just in the three words i typed above i had to make two corrections.

  10. Wonderful pictures : ) Cole is adorable!!!!
    I have no tips I over packed and would probably do the same…I don’t learn from my mistakes : P

  11. Susan Smith-Alltop says:

    You are such a blessing to your sister! Cole is such a precious soul. We just received our referral for our son & hope to travel in the spring of 2009 to China. He is just a few months younger than Cole. God's blessings to you on your journey to your next son.~ Susan

  12. hey mama! it sounds like you guys are having an awesome time. but i haven’t talked to you in forever! i miss you!
    love you and hope you have a good day!
    ps – give aunt angie and cole a hug from me!

  13. Global Girl says:

    Oh, fun! I so miss China!

    I just emailed you :)

  14. Rebecca of "China, Baby!" says:

    Oh I just loooooooooove you!!!!!!! The tips are awesome, keep them coming!!!! I’m so glad to hear you can buy most anything there. Now I won’t have to freak out that I forgot something!

    Guess what, our dr. wouldn’t give us the antibiotic after all, but SNEAKY MISS REBECCA got some anyway. Powdered even. I will fill you in the delicious little details later. :) I am feeling very smug about it.

    Your pics are all beautiful Stef – it’s like looking at a layout in a magazine. Just awesome. Love the one of the big lion statue, you exposed that perfectly. You mamarazzi you!


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