Wow and some free stuff

We not only WON, but we won with style! Almost 100 votes more than the second place site, thankyouverymuch! How incredible the support of this community is… a big ol’ thank you to everyone who took the time to register and vote! I mean it, y’all!

We are still collecting family stories, links to family blogs as well as resources for No Hands But Ours. And we will be adding content on a continuous basis…. the more families that are represented, the better the site will be! If you would like to submit your story, great! No need to ask if we need it… rest assured, we DO! Even better, along with your story send us a few pictures to share of your little darling :) Feel free to write about anything you’d like that would benefit a family considering pursuing a special needs child. You could simply share how you decided to adopt a special needs child instead of a non special needs child. Or how parenting your child has added to your family dynamic. Or medical issues your child has or has not had in relation to their special need. Your experiences, no matter the focus of your story, will help others have a better understanding of parenting a child with that special need. And knowledge replaces fear, which is a really good thing. No matter what you decide to write about, I am confident that it will bless other families considering adding a child to their family through special needs adoption.

In fact, I’m thinkin’ about doing a little giveaway in honor of our big win. Not sure what it’s gonna be, but I promise, it’ll be good. (or at least I will think it is good.) And anyone who submits their family story will be entered to win. I will consider all stories already submitted as entries, so don’t stress if yours is already posted on the site. And I’ll take new stories between now and December 19th and add them to the drawing, so if you’re the big winner, your goodies will arrive in time for Christmas! How ’bout that? Wow, I’m getting excited… nothin’ better than a good giveaway! Prize suggestions, anyone?

Send your stories to me at Now get crackin’!



  1. This is super amazing!! I was so delighted when I heard. God is so good!! I love this project. Obviously.

  2. Shannon of "Room for More" says:

    Great idea! Oh, and did I see that the total is WAY over $5K in one day? God is sooo good!


  3. a Tonggu Momma says:

    I am so excited to come back from our trip and find this! I can’t wait to start looking for more relevant photos for the site. I’ll get busy this time next week. First I need to recover…

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