"hua hua"

It was a beautiful day. Sunny with a high of about 70.

Perfect in my book.

The day started out a bit wobbly as Vivi had a rough night’s sleep. Because of her vaccinations yesterday, I think she was a bit uncomfortable overnight, but thankfully she managed to shake it off as the day progressed.

We spent most of the day at a local ‘safari’ park, which was a new adventure for everyone in our group.

Half the visit involved seeing animals in a more natural setting as we rode along a winding road on a train. Then we completed the other half of the visit on foot.

Vivi loved pointing out the different animals and although I am not certain she was naming them correctly, her baby Chinese words are absolutely adorable.

We passed through a plethora of ‘gift shops’ and, although I do consider myself immune to most gift shop wares, I couldn’t resist buying a huge plastic ‘hua hua’ (flower) for Vivi.

That is one word I am certain she uses correctly. And she uses it all the time.

The girl loves flowers. She points them out wherever we go and prefers to be with one in each hand at all times. So, needless to say, for her and this big ol’ flower, it was love at first sight.

She carried her hua hua around the remainder of the park tour, only relinquishing it while she rode on the carousel with Asher.

After returning to Shamian Island, we picked up some noodles and milk for Vivienne at the 7-11, along with another ice cream for Asher.

We had our mini lunch in the room, followed by “Night at the Museum”. We meandered out on the island near dinner time and ended up at Lucy’s for some french fries.

We ran into my friend Chris who is meeting her daughter Avery for the first time tomorrow, we’ve endured the wait together so it will be fun to see our girls together at last.

A quick bathtime and bedtime are in the works. Tomorrow AM we’ll have Vivi’s TB test read and then it’s off to the insanely large Guangzhou mall for some shopping

Squeaky shoe shop owners beware.



  1. No way! I get to be the first to comment today. :) Well…now I'm stage struck. Just wanted to say hi. And that I liked Vivi's huahua. And have fun at the mall, girl. Love you.

  2. Wow, Asher got to hold/feed a baby tiger, so cool!!!! I so love seeing all of your smiling faces…God is Amazing! Little Vivi was so darling trying to put her socks and shoes on…her little smile when her sock slipped off was priceless!!!!

  3. WOw you at your wonderful kids!! LOVE it!!

    Vivi is soooo PRETTY!

  4. I have been loving all your posts! Vivi is so darn cute!

  5. Love that!! Looks awesome! I can't wait to get my hands on those squeeky shoes!!

  6. Mom to 9 Blessings! says:

    Your photos are GORGEOUS!

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us – glad you are having so much fun with Vivi.


  7. Asher and the Tiger cub is amazing! And, HOW could you NOT buy sweet Vivi a flower…the photos are precious.
    Glad things are going well.

  8. Looks like you did a pretty darn good job of estimating her size! Her clothes fit her perfectly and she is oh-so-adorable in her stylin' little skirt and tights!
    How big is the WACAP travel group?
    Daily prayers for your family until you are together at last! :)

  9. Patricia/NYC says:

    Oh…"hua hua"…this is so close to my heart as it was Kiara's nickname by her foster parents in China…I still call her that every now & then too…

    And let me just say, Vivi is such a SMART girl!! I love that last photo of her posing with the kids' statue!! Too cute!!

    And Asher…my goodness, he sure is enjoying this trip, isn't he? Memories he will keep close to his heart all his life I am sure!! Love the photo of him with the baby tiger!

    Prayers continue!!
    Love ya!

  10. We went to the safari park too last time we were in Guangzhou. A herd of something started chasing us!

    Love the pic of Asher feeding the baby tiger!
    You got yourself one cute little girl!!


  12. oh and i just showed my roommate jo the second picture to let her see vivienne and she literally said "holy crap!! is that your mom? she's hot!"

  13. David and Sarah says:


    We loved the Safari Zoo when we were there in 2008.


  14. Stef – looks like it's been an awesome couple days – V looks like a dream come true – wow what a blessing it's been! We are now 14 days from GZ – 7 from our son!

    Great joy for you here in Cincy –

    hugs – aus and co.

  15. soudns like you are having a good time iwth your your girl
    I keep thinking,soon, I will be there to get my Shepherd, he is in GZ SWI waiting for me:)
    Love me some Lucy's, that place rocks.
    pray the rest of your trip goes well.
    hoping your son does well..I get MAJOR air sick, have to take meds. they really do help if anyone can spare some

  16. So, so cute! Something about chunky little baby girl legs in tights just makes me smile!

  17. I love the photo of Asher feeding the baby tiger…how many kids can say they've gotten to do THAT!?! He will have some 'bragging rights' for sure (as if traveling to China wasn't enuff!!) šŸ˜‰

    That is SO cute that Vivi loves flowers! In our monthly updates from NewDay, we've learned that Khloe loves them, too! She loves to pink out skirts with them on and point them out. Don't'cha just love our 'girly-girls'!!?!! :)

    Have fun shopping tomorrow. I can't wait to bring home some of those infamous 'squeaky shoes'!!


  18. Truly Blessed says:

    Lucky, lucky Asher!!! What a darling baby tiger!

    Sweet Vivi is looking so good – what a darling little girl. I just can't believe how quickly your trip is going! Before you know it, you'll be home with the whole family, what a wonderful thought, eh?

    Enjoy every minute while you're in China…

  19. Vivi is the most beautiful hua hua of all!! That sounds like a fun park.

    What a great video posted below. It shows just how determined Vivi is. Oh, she's going to be an independent one, isn't she? :)

  20. More beautiful photos. I love the bottom one…how precious to see Vivi "in" that statue. The photo of the three of you is gorgeous and I love Asher with the tiger and, of course, Vivi with her Hua Hua. You'll be back home (and in more snow) so soon!!!

  21. Glad things are going so well! She looks like she has always been with you. Love her flower obsession! And I too am jealous that Asher fed a tiger…

  22. Mike and Barb says:

    Yep, Hua hua IS the flowers – that was Nina's only chinese word that she used for quite a while after we got home. Loved it. It sounds so pretty :-))
    Thanks for updating so faithfully!

  23. Happy for you that your trip is going well! Your little (big) boy looks like such a very good brother and a very good sport!

    And I must say that I love your style for Miss Vivi … lots of fun Gymbo outfits (I am an addict there, too!) to fit her fun personality!

    All the best,
    Nicole A. in OH

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