Poppy: day 9

Winding down here.

And honestly, I am thrilled.

I do so enjoy China, and try to soak in all I can while I am here.

But, whether I want to admit it or not, I seriously can’t wait to get home.

To be home.

I would have posted these few day nine pictures last night, but I fell asleep on the couch with Poppy laying across my chest.

Might have had something to do with my continuing jet lag.

Might have had something to do with ingesting a combo meal from McDonald’s, a Coke Light and a Dove bar.

Wishing I had more pictures from the day.

But it was our Consulate Appointment, and cameras are not allowed.

And by the afternoon, with Poppy still clinging to me, getting out and getting Zach to take pictures was sort of down on my list of things to do.

I’m so very tired of seeing myself in pictures. Oy.

Today we are off to Shamian Island one last time to get some red couch pictures of my beautiful girl. We aren’t in a group, just flying solo, but we’re going to do our best to get some good ones of Miss Poppy gracing the infamous red couch.

And then, if we must, a stop at Cow and Bridge for our final dinner in China.

Tomorrow AM we take the train to Hong Kong. Not sure exactly what we’re going to do for the day in Hong Kong, but we’ll find something.

Then we fly out on Friday AM for the long trip home.

Can not wait to see all my kiddos together.

It’s gonna be good.



  1. But you’re so pretty!!!

    And oh my gracious. Poppy’s eyes are huge and beautiful! And her smile!! Praying for a safe journey for you!

  2. So glad to hear your trip is winding down and Miss Poppy is getting ready to meet the rest of her fabulous family!!! Keeping you, Poppy and Zach in my thoughts and prayers, can’t wait to see the “Welcome Home” celebration with all the kiddos, squealing, giggling, kissing and huggin’ The Best is Yet to Come!!!!!

  3. Poppy looks more relaxed every day…praying for a wonderful journey home!

  4. What a sweet smile! Can’t wait to see pics of the whole family together!!!!!

  5. Woo Hoo on a good day and heading home!
    There truly is no place like home especially when you have been through all ya have been through!
    Enjoy Hong Kong if you can. The Peek is beautiful!
    I went there myself on my trip to get Sarah last November and wish I had more time there or been able to spend time with her there…Maybe whne they are teens and we go for a vacation….
    Prayers you you all for a safe and uneventful trip home.
    I too can’t wait to see the sweet reunion!

  6. I just love to see that smile!

    Praying for safe travel for you and a blessed reunion when you arrive!

    Much love to all of you!


  7. What a beautiful smile!

  8. My goodness…i can see a major change in Poppy already! :) Praying for safe & uneventful travels for you!
    Can’t wait to see your NEW family photo! 😉
    Thanks for letting us share in your JOY!!

  9. Prayers for a peaceful journey home

  10. carrie kreuer says:

    woohooo-home sweet home in just a few short days! Will be praying for you!

  11. Such troopers you all are!

    Oh happy day when ya’ll get home and all get to be TOGETHER.

    She is certainly blossoming and we are continuing our prayers for everyone.

    Lovin’ that cute, cute smile of hers… what a smiling little cupcake! OH, I just wanna HUG her too!
    Give her a BIG one for all of us on here, reading and keeping up-to-date with all the trials and tribulations of your life.
    You are such an inspiration to me! May God continue to bless you and keep you in His care, especially all the long way HOME.

    Take Care ~ hugs and kisses!

  12. Oh yeah, she’s totally relaxing into your arms. She is doing F.I.N.E. in your arms. (though they must be killing you!!) :)

    As moms we’re never in the pictures because we always have the camera, so this trip has been GOOD, in that we get to see YOU. You will treasure these photos!!

    Have a good trip to HK. Shop some more!! (it’s great there)
    Snick :)

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. Poppy is beautiful! 2 weeks ago I met your friend on vacation & I have been so encouraged about adoption!!

  14. Love seeing her open up bit by bit! Travel safe my friend!

  15. There’s nothing like a good ole McDonald’s combo meal and a little Chocolate to make you want a nap! LOL Safe travels…lovin’ seeing all your photos…love seeing her sweet smile and Zach’s too…blessings!

  16. Yay!! You get to go home!! That has got to be the best feeling EVER! Have you been to Hong Kong before? I’m guessing yes since you’ve been to China so many times. I’m jealous since HK is probably my favorite place on earth. I hope you have an amazing last couple days and that your trip home goes quick,quick,quick!!

  17. I LOVE that last picture of her…what big, beautiful eyes she has. Thank you for blogging so faithfully while you’ve been away. You have no idea how fun it has been to come to your blog every day and hear an update on your sweet baby!
    Get some rest…you have lots of kiddos waiting for you at home. What a sweet reunion that will be! : )

  18. I love all the pictures but the fish one is so cool.

  19. Stefanie,

    Oh yes, the homecoming is going to be SO, SO good with your precious Poppy!!!!!!

    Thank you so very much for sharing your journey with us.

    It was a beautiful miracle.

    We love you.n

  20. LOVE the Cow & Bridge! Yumm!!! Can’t wait to see your Red Couch Pics.. hope Poppy obliges and releases you from her clutches!!!

    It is so wonderful see Poppy in your arms… a gift definitely worth waiting for. Thank you so much for sharing your highs and lows with us. Our prayers are with you in your tears of joy, and your tears of mourning.


  21. Best hamburger we EVER ate was at the Mc Donalds at the train station in Hong Kong! Tasted like the real deal back in the states. And since neither of us had had one in like 10 years, it seriously tasted like it had come off of heaven’s grill! PLUS it had been a long 18 days in China eating anything BUT McDonalds!

    Ah, memories! Eat a Quarter pounder with cheese for me, ok?

    And, don’t worry about it….no one is looking at YOU in the pictures anyway! 😉

    Can’t wait to see Poppy at home with the family! We’re continuing to pray for you here!!

  22. Hope Miss Poppy cooperates for Red Couch photos:) Praying for a safe travel home!

  23. Wow – I make it about 0800 the morning of the third for you – so you’ll be on the way to HK and then home before you know it! Thanks for sharing your journey – hoping to see those red couch pictures – and that you have a wonderful (read boring) trip home! Great joy for you guys – and Zach – GREAT WORK!!

    hugs – aus and co.

  24. I will say some prayers for a safe and peaceful return home. Poppy is delicious ad I am so glad yo see her slowly warming up.

  25. Poppy looks like she’s starting to relax a bit and is looking like she’s enjoying herself.

  26. it is so good to see LIFE in those beautiful eyes of hers!!! never saw that in any of the orphanage pictures– and her smile is just precious!!!! you’re in the home stretch!!!!!! you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh- and go to susan’s place for some WONDERFUL ginseg tea from Dong– he’s great. the tea rocks.

  27. I bet you miss you family and your hubby- so glad you will be going home soon!

    This is all part of the journey, part of the bonding, part of the grieving BUT PTL home is in the near future!!

    Poppy is stunning and she will do well with all you precious little ones!

    God Bless You!

  28. It’s gonna be a GOOD life with that little one! Many blessings coming your way and travel safely!!!

  29. Oh … how I wish I was greeting you in Hong Kong! Praying for your journey home! Love & Blessings, Kim

  30. She is sooooo beautiful !!!

  31. i’m ready for you to be home, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Stefanie – the hotel attached to the Hong Kong airport has the MOST AMAZING playroom for little kids. When we were there in March, we had the whole huge playroom to ourselves, and it was a great place for J to get more courageous about moving around on her own. It is a little hard to find, but worth seeking out. Ask for help if you can’t find it.

  33. So nice to see some smiles! It’s amazing how slowly time passes when you’re the one in China and how quickly it passes for those who are reading about it! Congratulations on your beautiful new daughter. I know that you are anxious to get home.

  34. AWWW! She smiled!

  35. Campbell says:

    lighting a candle and saying a prayer for safe and smooth travel. Can’t wait to see Poppy with all her gorgeous siblings!! God Bless and Safe Travels!!!

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