Sunday Snapshot: {my favorites of 2011}

Here are my favorite photos of 2011.

In chronological order.

1. Sophie Lu in her silks at Chinese New Year.

2. Vivienne loving the snow.

3. Asher, growing up. I thought he seemed big in this picture but man, has he grown since then.

4. Remembering – and missing – Esther.

5. Chris at his fini flight getting soaked. Much to his children’s delight.

6. Father and daughter. And kite.

7. Me and my girls on our last trip to our favorite spot in New England.

8. Poppy and the Red Couch.

9. Zach at Starbucks. In China.

10. Poppy, home at last. And starting to come out of her shell.

11. Jude, Poppy and Sophie. Lookin’ cute.

12. Poppy and the flower. Crazy hair and all, she’s beautiful.

13. Shepherd at the lake… playing while the big boys were fishing.

14. Vivienne, turning four.

15. Isabelle and her pink glasses.

16. Dalton, hitting double digits.

17. Shepherd receiving his long-awaited Lightening McQueen pillow pet.

18. Victoria all grown up.

The End.

Of course, tomorrow my list of favorites might be completely different, but for today, this is it.

And here is my list of favorites for 2010.


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Happy New Years, y’all.



  1. One of my favorite things about this post? Remembering every single photo (with exception of the last two) and recalling the stories that went along with them. While we have yet to meet ~ and I really hope to change that while you are in your current location ~ you and your family have been a part of the walk our family has taken…
    Blessings to you and yours as we begin a new year full of hope and promise!

  2. I loved looking back at your snapshots. I hope 2012 is as wonderful for you as 2011 was.

  3. Such beautiful photos…Victoria’s eyes are so beautiful in that last photo. Thanks for always hosting the Sunday Snapshot, it’s always so much fun to check in with everyone. Happy 2012 to y’all!

  4. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family! I love that last photo of Victoria! The other photos are so fun and beautiful! God truly blesses us doesn’t he!

  5. Such beautiful pictures and precious memories.. Happy New Year!

  6. Looove your photo review!! The one of Poppy in the bath tub is my favorite! Her expression is the best! :) Happy New Year!

  7. I remember seeing many of these throughout the year. They are all amazing!

  8. Beautiful pictures!! Your family is just glowing with love!

  9. happy new year..all the best for 2012..superb photos you got here!

  10. Happy New Year! I love all the pictures you chose. You have a beautiful family!!!

  11. Nice set love the last one….

  12. Beautiful family, beautiful photos!

  13. Stefanie your children are beautiful. These are all incredible photos. Thanks for sharing them and Happy New Years to you!

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