dear xiaoyun,

We hope you feel better soon.

Our mom told us that you are in the hospital for a long time.

And that you will have many surgeries to fix your back.

So we made these cards for you.

We hope they make you smile.

Sophie, Isabelle, Jude, Shepherd, Vivienne and Poppy

I learned about Xiaoyun from my friend, Annie. Annie also shared a link to a video that made me cry like a baby in which Xiaoyun shares her thoughts on being an orphan, and what we can do to help those left behind.

Xiaoyun was adopted just days before she was to age out. She has severe scoliosis and would have died if she had waited much longer. She is now in the hospital for a 6 week stay, which includes 6 surgeries to repair her scoliosis – and save her life. Because of her limited lung capacity, the doctors will not be able to totally relieve her pain and each surgery will get progressively harder. Xiaoyun’s mom, Cindy, has asked for prayers for her beautiful daughter and if anyone feels so led, to send a card or have your kids draw pics to send to her, as it will help to pass the time in the hospital and help her to stay strong.

To send Xiaoyun a card, mail it to:

Evelyn (Xiaoyun) Willoughby
c/o Kosairs Children’s Hospital
231 E. Chestnut St.
Louisville, KY 40202



  1. My class at school has been practicing writing letters for the past two weeks. I can’t wait to tell them we can finally put our new skills to good work!! Oooooo this is going to be SO much fun!!! xoxo!! Brooke Praying for complete healing for this sweet, sweet girl!!!

  2. I shared her video on my FB wall a couple weeks ago…so powerful! Thanks for sharing a way for us to be a blessing back to her!

  3. I’ll send her a card.

  4. Dear sweet Stefanie!!!!! Thank you so very much my friend!!

  5. oh, my heart! I know these people … they’re in my town! I go to church with some of their family!

    Gosh, I love the internet :)

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this practical way to bless Xiaoyun!

  7. I work, literally, across the street from Kosair! It’s a very good hospital. Kerry already said she wants to make a card for this sweet girl. Wonder if they’d mind us delivering a little card/gift in person. Thanks for posting this. That video…what an amazing girl and amazing family.

    Gin =)

  8. Beautiful little girl and just amazing and powerful words. We will send her a letter. She is a sweetheart.
    As a side not…Shep looks like he had a growth spurt. Is he just looking bigger in this picture or has he grown a bit?

  9. Family in Louisville too – maybe have to get to know them – will certainly contact them by snail mail first tho!!

    hugs – aus and co.

  10. What a beautiful girl. Thank you for sharing her story.

  11. Love your heart my friend!! I’ll get Tiana and Lailyn to make cards to send to this sweet girl. AND, I’m going to have Terry watch that video…


  12. I watched the video several weeks ago…..broke me heart.

    I do believe Shea and Avery would love to send cards to Evelyn.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  13. LaurelLee Skiles says:

    OH we too have been so touched by this dear girl’s testimony….thank you for sharing this!!
    A great thing for our children to do!!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing Xiaoyun’s story with us. Her video is such a beautiful testimony. My three year old (Jack) hasn’t been able to stop talking about her and remembers to pray for her every night since you posted last week. We finally got a package in the mail today – He had to tell everyone in line at the post office that it was for Xiaoyun, the little girl with the crooked back that had to go to the doctors and was really owie and that he made a card to make her feel better :) It is awesome to see him really “getting it” and wanting to reach out in love. Great idea! So glad to offer what little support we can.

  15. Thanks so much for posting this. We are in the process of adopting from China and watching Xiaoyun’s video was a great way to connect our kids to orphans in China and another chance for us to explain adoption. They just finished cards for her that we’ll send tomorrow :)

  16. Stefanie, I didn’t think you would mind if I extended your invitation to friends and family reading my blog as well… The more lovin’ we can shower on this sweet girl the better! -Alison


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