some news on Gus. and some news on us.

I had to share with y’all who have been so gracious to pray and help spread the word about this precious little peanut.

Gus has found his forever family. So very excited for the little guy, I can hardly stand it.

And, in case you’re wondering… it’s not us, y’all.

But we do have a little bit of news to share.

Hoping to get it all finished and ready to post tomorrow.

In the meantime, anyone want to take a guess?



  1. I guess you are adopting again! But that seems a bit obvious. You are moving again. That’s my final answer and I didn’t even use one of my lifelines. 😉

  2. You’ll be gaining another beautiful beauty from China?

  3. praise jesus!!! thankful that a family will be blessed to call *gus* their son!!!

    my guess on your news? hm. i’m going with something epic – like another lost tooth!

  4. I’ll admit I DID wonder if you were thinking of adopting again soon. So, my guess is : a little boy this time??

  5. :) really– you’re going to leave us hanging?? how do you live with yourself??? 😉

    hmmm… i love the idea of you going for a boy:)

    but i must go a different route….
    you have another horse?
    tori is engaged?
    you cut your hair?
    you bought a cow??

    :) have no idea- but excited to find out:)

  6. So excited to hear your news! Hope its another little one :)

  7. SO thankful to hear about Gus! He’s an adorable little guy and I know he will bless the socks off his family!

    As for your news…..I like the guess that Tori is engaged. I’m thinking you got another horse. Or maybe another lost tooth. That happened at my house today, and well….it was MAJOR news!!!!! :)

  8. Monica Carter says:

    Hooray for Gus!!!! OH my heart is SO happy!!

    Can’t wait to hear YOUR news!!!! So exciting!!

  9. How can you do this to us Stephanie? Leaving us hanging like this, come on sister just spill the beans!!!!
    Ok. I was thinking maybe another adoption or you changed your hair color again??

    Guess I’ll have to wait til tomorrow

  10. Ugh Stefanie~ Don’t do this to me…I am supposed to have NO STRESS this week! Are you pregnant?!?!

  11. Yay for Gus! <333
    You're getting a new puppy!? 😀
    I can't wait to hear! Please tell us soon! hehe (:

  12. Sooo very excited for Gus!!! And…I am anxiously awaiting your news:) The above guesses are all good…I am thinking…you have a new forum to advocate for orphans???

  13. Yay for GUS and his family to be!
    You’re really doing this to us??!! How could you?:-)
    So are you……
    going back to blonde
    writing a book
    going back to China and coming home with TWO?

    I’ll be blog stalkin’ tomorrow, can’t wait to hear!
    Look forward to the news:-)

  14. so happy for Gus!!

    As for your news…

    i will be nail biting with anticipation!!!


  15. you can’t know how excited i am for your news tomorrow…whatever it is! :) love to celebrate with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

    and congratulations for little Gus and his new family, whoever they are. adoption is one of the most powerful types of love in the world.

  16. Yeah for Gus!! I’m guessing that you are taking whatever TV network it was up on their offer to do a documentary on our family. You did post about that some time ago, right?

  17. OOHHHH! Cant wait to find out!!!!!!

  18. YAY!!!! I’ve been advocating for Gus on my blog too!! And even calling people and telling them all about that little cutie. SO glad Gus has a family!!!! Eeeek!!! 😀

  19. So happy for Gus! Ummm…another baby is my guess!

  20. Here are some of my unlikely guesses;)…..

    Are you adopting again?
    I was thinking what some of you others are thinking…is Victoria engaged? I don’t really think that’s it though…

    I guess I’ll just have to wait until tommorow to see:)
    Tonight’s going to be a LONG night;)

  21. There are some great guesses any would be great news. I think I’ll go with a new horse. Can’t wait to hear!!!

  22. She’s pregnant?!

  23. Ohhh….and can’t guess, but I can’t wait to hear. Sounds interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I cant wait to hear. I want to guess adoption but I’m going to guess… a new horse!?!

  25. You really are funny!!!! Considering the email I just sent you this post makes me laugh!!!! So darn happy for that precious Gus!!! What a blessed family they are going to be!!!!!

    Looking forward to working with you again!!!


  26. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH! I cannot handle this! :) I guess i’m hoping for another baby……?

  27. Oh and AMAZING news about Gus! That is SO COOL!

  28. Patty Mears says:

    Another little China jewel……possibly a boy this time??? SO COOL!!!!!

  29. Well of course you are adopting again!! Maybe a boy…
    Can’t wait to hear your news!!

  30. Hello,

    Although I read your blog every day, this is the first time I comment .

    Perhaps you’re pregnant?

    A kiss flying from Spain,


  31. Going back for a boy this time. You got the pony broke for riding now?

  32. So happy for Gus. Cannot wait to hear your news!

  33. And I seriously love guessing games :)

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