I have been blessed with many new friendships since God pricked our hearts and sent us on this journey of adoption.

Some have been for a season.

And some have been enduring.

It’s amazing how God connects us, through our passion for adoption and our love for Him, and blesses us through it.

So grateful for one very special friendship.

That has come to include not only us, but our husbands. And our kids.

And how this friendship has blessed our family so very, very much over the years.

So, today I thought I’d post these goofy pictures of Lisa and me, as a way to say “thank you”.

Okay, not really.

But I do hope it makes her smile.

Love you. Love all of y’all.

Thanks for showing us Jesus’ love in such a big way.



  1. I couldn’t agree more~ friends made through our adoptions are some of the sweetest!!! XO

  2. Oh dear, Poppy has her China face on. She’s must be missing the troops at home!

    • Campbell says:

      I was thinking the same thing! China face!! Were these pics taken recently? Poor little Poppy is looking a bit more stoic than she has in a long while!! Maybe she was smiling on the INSIDE!! :)

  3. This friendship indeed sounds like a blessing!

  4. Aaaaah. I have a friend like that. Miss Kateri is the second amazing gift I was given, on the journey to my first amazing gift of Li’l Empress. And yes, in the process of building our friendship, it has expanded to include our hubbies and kids. What a gift true friendship is! So glad to see you got to enjoy some time with her along the way on this trip!

  5. that is how i feel about YOU! what a great blessing you have been to me…and to so many others!

  6. These are gorgeous and natural… love the post processing!


  7. Love the black and white pics! Very emotive.

  8. Stef,
    You are so sweet! Our family do loved every minute with your family! So thankful that God placed your husband, you and all your kiddos in our path! We have been truly blessed by your friendship!
    We will all be in withdrawal since your family went home!
    Thanks for the post…love y’all too!!!

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