six percent :: it’s go time

Today marks the beginning of Jude’s treatment to correct his relapsing clubfoot.

He’ll get his first of two casts to prepare his foot for surgery.

He is, in fact, at his appointment right now with his dad and a few of his siblings.

But I am here. At home. Holding down the fort with the other kiddos.

Wishing I could be there with him.

Chris, Jude, Sophie, Dalton and Shepherd headed out on Saturday for the long drive to Iowa. They’ll be staying for a week to complete the first and second casts. Then they’ll come home for about a week.

On the 24th, I’ll head back up to Iowa with Jude for his surgery on the 26th.

And then he’ll start what I imagine will be the longest six weeks of his life : six weeks in a non-weight bearing cast as he recovers from surgery.

Oh my.

So grateful for all of y’all that have been praying for our little guy.



  1. If your little guy is anything like MY little guy he’ll figure out how to walk in the non weight bearing cast. When Joey was recovering from surgery for psuedoarthrosis (they took bone from his hip to put in his tibia and put a rod in his tibia) he was put in a spica cast. The cast went all the way around his hips and down to his knee on the right side and down to his toes on the left side. The casted knee was slightly bent…..and after being home for about 2 weeks he was walking. He would get out of bed in the morning and walk down the hall to my room. So much for 8 weeks of non weight bearing :)

    • NiHaoYall says:

      Oh my goodness, I can’t imagine! Actually, I can imagine.. I just don’t want to πŸ˜‰ Hope your little guy recovered okay despite himself!

  2. Praying for sweet little Jude as he goes through treatment! <3

  3. Sweet boy… I am sorry he has to go through this again…. I will be praying for him… And, for you!!!


    • NiHaoYall says:

      Thanks so much, Diana… I know you’ve had your share of surgeries lately! So grateful for your prayers!

  4. Oh boy! It’s gonna be a long summer. Poor Jude. We’ll be praying for your sweet little boy! Wondering where you’re headed to in Iowa?? We live in Missouri, almost to the Iowa border.

    • NiHaoYall says:

      We’ll be in Iowa City, at U of I Hospital… best place in the world for clubfoot kiddos :)
      Thanks for your prayers, Joy!

  5. I wish that my son’s feet looked like your son’s relapsed foot! Seriously. I pray he does well with his surgery and recovery. I’m sorry that you have to be home holding down the fort and can’t be with him. My prayers are with you. :)

  6. Oh, my sweetness. We will pray for good weather for his “cast” time (no more 100+ degrees, God…ok??) and that he will find lots of things to enjoy this summer even with that stinking cast on! He has lots of caregivers with him (Oh, poor hubby!)….Jude will be a brave boy with all those siblings and strong Daddy there instead of pushover Momma (if you are anything like me!).

    • NiHaoYall says:

      Amen! And yes, I am just like you… especially where Jude is concerned πŸ˜‰ Thank you, Ali!! Love those prayers!

  7. Stef- I will be about an hour away July 26-29. I would love to come visit with you and sweet Jude if your time permits.

  8. Praying!

  9. Kristin says:

    Stephanie, if your family needs anything while you all are in Iowa let me know. We live an hour outside of Iowa City

  10. Melynda Dye says:

    It may be too weird for you to give out your address to complete strangers, but Jude has been praying for your Jude and has some goodies he would like to send him. Can we mail him a care package?

  11. Bless him, Lord! Sweet boy. I hate he has to do this but am so grateful for the care he will receive.

    Thanks for your comment today…it’s been a hard one. Tears come quickly and outta nowhere…like when I had to go pee. :) What’s that about anyway? But I know you relate better than anyone…even better than me. You were so much closer. Still, hard hard day, friend.

    Love ya

  12. Heehee have you been reading about all our casts!! ASk them to send you home with an extra roll at least! Crawling, scooting and a wheelchair – uh my poor wood floors I could just cry!

  13. Prayers for you all as you tread through these waters. I’m sure that will be hard for him to be in a cast that long- but so worth it in the long run.

  14. Many prayers for sweet Jude and your traveling family!

  15. Prayers for your little man. We live about 1 1/2 hrs from Iowa City. Not close enough since we’re big Hawkeye fans, but I still want to say that if you need anything at all during your time in the Hawkeye state, just shout and we’ll be there.

    U of I hospitals are amazing. My youngest sister was born with spina bifita and while the family physician said she’d never walk or speak or be potty trained, U of I said differently. And other than a little scar tissue, you’d never know.

    Prayers said and just shout if you need anything.

  16. I emailed on an earlier post. I am a physical therapist and to make that 6wks non wt bearing easier ask his Dr to order him a Roll-a-bout. It’s like a scooter he kneels on and will make both your lives much easier

  17. I will pray for Jude as he goes through his casting and surgery. Two of my three with cf are looking to be 6%ers too:-(. I am trying to put off the inevitable.
    When one of ours broke his arm, this summer,his ortho recommended a thing called “dry cast”. It was a rubber-ish sleeve that went over the cast allowing him to get his arm wet. I ordered it online and it arrived two days later. We never submerged it but it kept the cast dry while he waded in the pool and showered. I am hoping to get them for their legs for the long casting time to eliminate “sponge baths”. Thought you might want to check into them for Jude for the long casting time.

  18. My prayers are with your little man too! We just finished almost 3 months of full leg casts.

    I was just delighted when I ran into your crew at Iowa City today. My Willem (from Huai’an) was there to have his last set of casts removed and to receive his boots and bar. I was walking towards the waiting area and I saw this adorable pig-tailed little girl and then a couple of adorable little boys from China. When I saw your husband I knew right away who it was. Your kids are even more adorable in real life than on your blog if that’s possible. I would have loved to meet you too!

    I wanted to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart for pointing me in the direction of Iowa City. You are right – that is the best place in the world!

    And if you could remember us as we go through these first few days of boots and bars it would really be appreciated.


  19. Praying for your precious Jude. May it be a successful and SPEEDY recovery!!! xoxo! Brooke

  20. Praying for sweet Jude and hoping that those six weeks just fly right by!

    Thinking of you all.



  21. I will pray for Jude and for you and your gang. I can only imagine how hard that will be. Boys are SO BUSY! I am sure it is really hard not to be there with him as well. My kiddos do better when Dave takes them to the bog stuff medically speaking. For me, they melt. For him, they are brave.


  22. Prayers continue Stef!!

    hugs – aus and co.

  23. Aw, Stefanie!
    Bless his sweet little heart …. And his adorable little feet!
    6 percent??!! He is so special, indeed!
    Praying for the whole gang!

  24. Such precious little man feet!!! Love that boy! Praying for him and the rest of you!

  25. Hi Steph! Just an FYI, we were in Iowa City on Mon for our little girl and the staff is AMAZING!!! Also, not sure if you know this or not, but some of the hotels offer a hospital discount; you just have to ask for it. Take care! Your son is in good hands!

  26. Oh Stefanie!!! I will be praying for your sweet boy!!!!

  27. I know I am way late in commenting but I just wanted you to know that I am saying a prayer for your little guy right now. I pray God gives him peace and patience and helps him not to be frustrated. And that all of you would stay encouraged as you deal with all the challenges that come your way as you walk through this healing process.

    I just need to admit right now that even though I don’t know any of you personally Jude has always been my favorite. I don’t know if it is because he is a boy and I have always wanted one, or if his name is alot like Judah (which is what we are naming our son), or if it is just his cute, sweet face, but he is. πŸ˜‰ I have come clean about it now. I feel better. :)

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