Sunday Snapshot: {the beach}

Oh my.

Be forewarned, there are a ton of pictures below.

It was our singular “vacation” of the year, if you want to call it a vacation.

What it was was one wondrous day at the beach.

And so, I took a lot of pictures.

It was also Poppy’s first time to the beach.

She wasn’t so sure how she felt about it.

It was Tallula’s first time to the beach, too.

Initially she had some anxiety over the waves coming in and then rushing back out.

But soon she decided this was a pretty cool place to be.

And so did all the other kiddos.

Eventually even Poppy warmed up the the idea of sand in her toes.

And sweet Jude managed to enjoy the day, despite having to be bound to a lawn chair for the duration.

Thank goodness for iPhones, Tiny Wings and Temple Run.

And Doritos.

Eventually the afternoon turned into evening.

And the harsh shadows of the sun overhead were gone.

Which is great news if you’re the photographer.

But a few of the kids were getting tired.

And a few of the grown ups, too.

So we gathered up our things, and said farewell to the beach.

But not goodbye.

We’ll be back.

I took these with my Nikon D90, 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. My settings for the first one were ISO 160, 24mm, f/3.2 and 1/1650. I chose this as my favorite because I loved the shovel in her hand, the sand in her hair, and the way she was surrounded by the water.

I edited them all in CS6 with Florabella Classic Film, Lighter Brighter and some other minor tweaks.

When you’re ready to play along with your Sunday Snapshot, here are the deets.

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4. I’ll review each Snapshot entry and then select a favorite to be announced on Wednesday.
5. The winning Snapshot will be selected based on composition, color, emotion, creativity and post-processing.
6. Weekly winners will be featured in a monthly Sunday Snapshot post which will be judged by y’all, the readers.
7. The winner of the monthly Sunday Snapshot will receive a photography related goody. This month I’ll be giving away a copy of my favorite photography book: Photographically Speaking. It’s goooood.
8. Rules subject to change, as necessary, to keep this fun and fruitful for everyone.

Ni Hao Yall

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Happy almost Sunday, y’all.



  1. How fun!!! Love these photos!!

  2. They are all wonderful photos! I love what you did with them, very soft and beautiful lighting.

  3. Glorious glorious photos. I love every single one of them. Poor Jude!!! (but he does look pretty content!). A day you will not soon forget I am sure. Thanks for sharing your bea;utiful photos!!

  4. So beautiful photos. I love the light tones in these.

  5. I, too love the lighting in the photos…so delicate! How did you manage to have the beach all to yourselves? What a blessed family day!

  6. What a GLORIOUS way to spend a day. Oh how I love these. They remind me that the ocean has been calling me & I really need to pay it a visit & give it the attention it deserves. It misses me- or at least that is my excuse as to why I need to get back there asap.

  7. Oh my. This looks dreamy. I can’t wait to get to the beach.

  8. I love these shots — so happy for the girls that they enjoyed their first day at the beach. A milestone. One of many. xo

  9. Jude is seriously rockin’ those cute flower sunglasses!
    Gorgeous images Stefanie!

  10. Hi Stefanie,
    If one LOVED photographs and photographing but seriously stunk at it, what would you suggest the the first thing to do? :) Would purchasing one of the softwares help? Are they pretty self explanatory with some experimenting? I know that’s such a broad question, but with most kiddos in school and one more waiting in China, I would love to improve my picture-taking/ pictures! Love, Kim

  11. These were beautiful pictures :) I also loved Jude’s flower power glasses! So freakin’ cute.

  12. Gorgeous day!!! LOVE your shots! We have new big news!!! a son and a daughter! XOXO

  13. Gorgeous shots of your gorgeous babes!

  14. great shots! love the one of tori’s tat! i am assuming that is tori and you haven’t gone back to blonde!

  15. Great photos with great beauty, I love them all, some nice portraits on the beach.

  16. Oh my, they are so cute. :)) The last two sunset pics are wonderful!

  17. what a fun time and always your photography is stunning!

  18. What a perfect beach day. I’m crazy about your first picture. It’s just perfect Stefanie!

  19. Hi Stefanie! I had to come on over & tell you what an honor it is to have my pic in the running with your AMAZING horse photo for Click It Up a Notch. Totally made my day to be in your company!

    Hope your week is off to a great start!

  20. These are great. I love the creamy feeling to the processing too. Thanks for hosting :)

  21. Amazing shots. Beautiful family. Thank you for sharing these great moments.

  22. It looks like a perfectly dreamy day at the beach! Your photos are gorgeous!

  23. I love your photos! The beach looked wonderful that day. :)

    I recently started a new link party on my blog that is exclusively for traveling and experiencing different places. If you could hop on over and link this post or any other ‘traveling’ post, I would be so grateful! Thanks so much!

  24. beeeeeautiful!

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