the last week

It’s the last week of the 8-week photography class I’m taking with my friend and photography mentor, Lisa.

It’s been a fabulous ride. She’s pushed us in so many ways.

And the final push?


And yes – this is about how I feel about attempting one.

Trying to honestly capture myself in a photograph is something I’ve never, ever done.

Much less done well. So there is a whole lot to learn.

I’ll admit, I am intimidated.

And a bit nauseous.

Thankfully, I had some motivation to help me dip my toe into this assignment.

Someone so fun, I just couldn’t resist turning the camera on the two of us.

Someone who, thankfully, is not shy around the camera.

And someone who just makes me smile.

Much work to do before I’m done with this assignment… I have lots of ideas rolling around in my head. But so far, it’s not nearly as painful as I’d expected.



  1. Hahaha! That’s awesome!

  2. hilarious! do you have a remote? they are about $20-$30 and make SPs so much easier.

  3. THat horse is sooo amazing! What makes him do those faces??? I can see why you have so much fun with him. Or, is it a her? Oops! Anyway, I really enjoy your photography, and, hopefully will learn something from you. :)

  4. Omygosh! Those are awesome! Wish I had a horse now!

  5. That first shot is so funny!!! 😀

  6. AWESOME!!!!! I adore that second one — seriously ADORE. Great job.

  7. Absolutely love these Stefanie!!!!

  8. I swear that horse needs to be on tv or something – always cracks me up!

  9. Your Horse is Hysterical! I would be afraid it would bite my ear! lol! Cute pictures Steffanie. Hope you & your crew are doing well.

  10. Love it…the last one is my favorite…makes me smile too…

  11. Your horse is hilarious!! What a ham. You’re beautiful… keep on takin’ those pix and don’t be camera shy!

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